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4 Ways Last Mile Carriers Can Benefit Retail Businesses

The period of time to which the term ‘last mile’ refers, has long been a time of immense stress and pressure for retailers. Both being one of the most expensive parts of the customer journey and one at which retailers feel the most pressure and demand from customers, getting this right is pivotal to ensuring customer satisfaction and improved brand reputation. 

However, with developments in the industry, this no longer has to be the case. Over the last 5 years, and with the boom of online shopping, retailers have had to adapt to provide customers with a quick and efficient way to receive their orders when they want them.

This is where last mile carriers come in to save the day. Providing a solution for retailers as they battle the rocky terrain of managing online order management and processing. With the industry moving forward and adopting new technologies to provide modernised services, last-mile carriers can now offer an abundance of benefits to retail businesses. 


Provides your business with a competitive edge 

By utilising a smart and efficient last mile carrier, you can continue to compete with leaders in your market. Ensuring your customers are provided with options when it comes to different delivery types, can track their deliveries, schedule delivery times, and communicate directly with a driver. All of these key factors and more of working with a last-mile delivery carrier are very much in demand. As more and more customers opt for online shopping methods, as opposed to in-store shopping, offering a quality delivery service via your online store, is imperative to ensuring your business has the competitive edge it needs to survive in the modern marketplace. 


Real-time tracking allows for greater visibility 

With companies adopting the latest technology to offer even greater services, last-mile carriers now offer a means to track and ‘watch’ as deliveries are made. Providing a benefit to both the business using the service and to the individual customer. 

Using last mile delivery tracking now makes it easier than ever for customers to find the information they need to track their order. Giving them the information to know where their order is, how many days or hours it is expected to be delivered, and who will be delivering it. Not only is this great for the customer, but as a business, this also means less time is required manning inboxes and responding to enquiries and more time ensuring the service you provide is of high quality.


Last mile carriers offer an efficient means for dealing with a spike in orders 

Spikes in deliveries are often the way during periods of the year such as big holidays, events and seasonal changes. Many retail businesses, in particular, especially those choosing to offer discounts, additional services and more during these times, are likely to see an influx in orders. This can quite quickly become difficult to manage, despite the positivity surrounding increased revenue. Soon, this can result in missing orders, delays and poor quality customer service. In order to handle this problem and to avoid unsatisfied customers last-mile carriers offer a solution. 

Being able to outsource your deliveries to third-party last-mile carriers, means increases in delivery can be shared amongst networks of courier drivers, working for these service providers. Meaning an influx of orders, such as those seen during seasonal periods, can be handled and delivered on time, with little to no stress for your business. 


Outsourcing allows you to take advantage of last-mile technology 

Since many modern carriers will now have access to some of the most modern solutions for managing, handling and delivering, it seems only smart to outsource your delivery process to a third-party provider. These are the experts, and with some of the latest technology such as GPS tracking, route optimisation, API integration, and last-mile delivery platforms,  both you and your customers will benefit from a modern and efficient service. One which is evolving to meet the growing demands of last-mile delivery. 

At DeliveryApp we offer last-mile delivery services to our customers, ensuring they are able to schedule, track and contact a courier driver when they need it most. Try DeliveryApp today to see how it works for you and your business. 

Written by DeliveryApp


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