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The world of logistics has changed so much in the last couple of years, and now more than ever, customers want their parcels to arrive as fast as possible. Many of them are more than happy to opt for same day delivery for convenience, even if it does mean paying that little bit extra. In fact, a recent consumer survey showed that 64% of shoppers are happy to pay more for this service.

Who benefits from same day delivery?

Whilst the desire for same day delivery is predominately driven by the customer who wants their goods and wants them fast, they are not the only one to benefit. There are also benefits to be had by the retailer from offering same day delivery. Not only does it fulfil the need of the customer, but it also means a faster turnover for their business.

As well as providing benefits to the couriers in the industry, there are other parties who benefit from same day delivery. Here at DeliveryApp, we specialise in providing a bespoke delivery service for e-commerce websites for same day delivery solutions. We firmly believe that the future of logistics demands a smooth and efficient same day delivery service, which is why our system sets a radius within which same day deliveries are provided for a set fee. (If you’d like more information on this, check out our e-commerce brochure).

This isn’t to say that other delivery options won’t still have their place for the e-commerce industry. However, if companies want to keep their existing customer base, they do need to listen to what customers want. They also need to provide a same day service that has been robustly tested, as missed deliveries and other issues can dent their reputation significantly.

When does same day delivery really matter?

For small online businesses looking to make a real impact on their customer base, and potential customers, same day delivery offers a fantastic way to provide first class customer service. In big cities, and in particular in London, same day delivery has become the normal service offered by many companies and the normal service requirement for customers who are more likely to seek items elsewhere if they cannot get them when they want. The fashion sector is one with a significant influence in a large city and one of the biggest providers of same day delivery. However, with our increasing reliance on tech, small electricals and consumables are also often required same day.

What does DeliveryApp have to offer?

As the UK’s fastest growing same day delivery service, we have taken time to really get to know the e-commerce industry and how companies can benefit from this type of service. We have an innovative technology platform that really helps to get goods moving fast by connection customers to a network of professional independent couriers. With links all over the UK and streamlining solutions like live GPD tracking and real time updates whether you want same day, scheduled or multi drop delivery solutions, we have the network at our fingertips to help you.

For those small businesses that thought same day delivery was an option outside of their grasp, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Why not take a look at how DeliveryApp can help your business become more competitive within this demanding market by providing customers with what they want, when they need it most?

Written by Peter Board


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