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DeliveryApp Integrates with GoCardless 

Recently we have partnered with GoCardless to introduce a new way to pay with DeliveryApp. But why have we done this you may wonder? 

When we first started we were happily accepting card payments, however since we have expanded and have big plans for the future we saw this as the right time to look to offer other alternatives. Card payments often make transactions difficult for large companies, as Justin (DeliveryApp Digital Marketing Director) explained when speaking with GoCardless:

“Cards are a massive stumbling block for the bigger companies we’re now pitching to… These organisations aren’t keen on the potential mess of having dozens or hundreds of people paying suppliers with different company cards. So, we turned to GoCardless to offer direct bank payments that function as lines of credit for these customers…” 


Collecting Payments Through GoCardless 

GoCardless offers us the ability to process recurring payments. This means, for businesses that wish to use our courier service regularly, making recurring deliveries with our network of courier drivers, payments can be managed simply by GoCardless. 

The GoCardless platform has been integrated with our DeliveryApp meaning we can accept direct debit payments directly from our customers within minutes and allow for flexible payments. So, you will not have to worry about inputting long card details each time you schedule a delivery with us.

For the team at DeliveryApp this is an exciting partnership. It is one which will continue to benefit us operationally as we grow. This will be particularly useful as it will allow us to save time during our backend finance processes. Whilst also saving our customers time too! With the integration of GoCardless into our business, as Justin so rightly put it, “we’re turning payments from a function of doing business into a feature of our business.”


Collaborating for the Greater Good 

We chose to collaborate with GoCardless due to the fact they are equally as progressive and socially conscious as we are. With this integration, we continue our mission to achieve an improved logistics industry. Placing technology at the heart of what we do. GoCardless allows us to continue to offer our customers automation, reliability and a seamless customer experience. 

We’ve made it easier than ever to book, schedule and pay for a reliable courier service when you need it. So, why not join the DeliveryApp revolution today and start scheduling your deliveries with a seamless booking and payment experience. With same day couriers, multi drop and man and van hire available, we are here for you. Getting your goods from A – B with ease. 

Written by DeliveryApp


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