deliveryapp story so far

The DeliveryApp Story So Far

As an exciting tech start up experiencing rapid growth with a future-proof solution for an outdated industry in dire need of modernisation, DeliveryApp is revolutionising the way businesses move goods from A to B.

From inception to creation and growth, this is our story so far.

The Problem

With the state of the logistics industry growing more outdated by the day, the need for a more innovative technological solution was apparent. Pallet networks and regional courier firms no longer appeared to be the future-proofed venture they once were, posing limitations to the ever-increasing on-demand logistical needs of businesses and consumers. As an inconvenient and untraceable form of shipping goods from A to B, common issues with the courier/delivery sector were seemingly not fading.

The Solution

Upon identifying this rising concern, we recognised there was a colossal opportunity to disrupt the burgeoning courier / delivery sector with a need for competitively priced, quality delivery services where drivers were treated ethically with fair rates of pay. Thus, the idea of DeliveryApp was born, and was subsequently launched as a mobile app in 2018 under the now obsolete name of Deliverehub.

Starting Up

As the first app of its kind, Deliverehub aimed to provide a fast and easy way to book, pay for, and track deliveries from collection to delivery in real time. In turn, by cutting out the middlemen and connecting businesses directly with an extensive network of reliable self-employed courier drivers they’re offered greater control over their outbound deliveries. In doing so, businesses began to realise the benefits of using technology to gain more control and visibility over their outgoing deliveries.

At our previous base close to Manchester Airport the foundations were laid to provide a springboard for growth through acquiring key personnel, such as Transport Manager, Harry Houghton, and Customer Success Manager, Danial Khalique, among many others. As we started to gain traction with both businesses seeking a cost-effective logistics solutions and courier drivers searching for an ethical platform that paid fair rates for their hard work, it was clear to see that the reception our platform received was a welcome relief to many.

Rebrand & Relocation

Following rapid growth in our customer base and courier network, we decided to take the next step in the future of the business by rebranding to DeliveryApp and moving to our shiny new home in the heart of Manchester City Centre. After relocating to a modern creative workspace at Bonded Warehouse, we’ve since grown the team from 6 to 15 by selectively acquiring highly skilled professionals that bring a wealth of experience and a passion for inspiring change to the table.

As our exposure to the masses and interest grew, our UK driver network and customer base expanded with it. So much so that, in the last three months alone, we’ve consecutively doubled orders each month – receiving superb feedback and returning business from satisfied customers in the process. This impressive performance is truly testament to our hard-working team striving every day to reshape an outdated industry that’s desperately in need of change. What makes this need more evident is that the array of industries that our customers are in is so widespread that the ongoing challenges faced with pallet networks and traditional couriers is clearly a hinderance.

The Future of On-Demand Logistics

As we continue our quest of providing innovative solutions to our customers and a fairer deal for our network of drivers than many other courier platforms, we are committed to refining DeliveryApp to be the true market leader for on-demand logistics. Not only will we assist in ensuring deliveries from A to B are fulfilled, but we’re focused on delivering a seamless user experience that makes it easier than ever to book a delivery – saving our customers both time and money.

Written by DeliveryApp


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