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DeliveryApp To Feature At Final Destination Logistics

We’re delighted to announce that we will be featuring at the Final Destination Logistics exhibition in Liverpool on 18th & 19 May 2022!

As the first instalment in our schedule of planned speaking events, we’re super excited to introduce DeliveryApp to new audiences across the world.


About the Event

This two-day event is designed to unite heavyweights within the logistics industry so buyers can source innovation in any process or service that involves the moving of goods or components from its origination to end users.

With a focus on bringing the whole logistics ecosystem to the forefront, attendees can discover the latest innovations in last mile delivery, collection, reverse and third-party logistics, software and technology, digital transformation and automation, packaging, freight, and shipping.


DeliveryApp Talk

At the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool, we’ll have Territory Sales Manager, Louise Tilley, representing DeliveryApp where she’ll be one of the guest speakers at the event.

In her talk, Louise will discuss our aim of ‘Disrupting an archaic industry with technology and ethics’ by discussing how the DeliveryApp platform provides an agile on-demand solution to businesses by connecting them to local couriers in their area.

With an emphasis on highlighting common pain points and challenges faced by many businesses to illustrate how the logistics industry is outdated and in dire need of digitisation, Louise will detail how leveraging advanced and integrated technologies plays a vital role in the future of the industry.


Discover DeliveryApp

If you’re interested in finding out more about how DeliveryApp can help to transform your business’ logistics, then why not come on down to the Final Destination Logistics event and see how you can benefit from our innovative technology.

Alternatively, get your free quote today or join DeliveryApp via our Customer Portal or by downloading our app from the Google Play or App Stores.

Written by DeliveryApp


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