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How Ford Is Leading The Charge For Electric Vehicle Innovation

Leading the way in electric vehicle innovation, American manufacturer Ford has introduced their latest Ford Pro Electric SuperVan. Making the reveal at the famously iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed, this is the fastest Ford Transit you will ever have seen and it’s all-electric too!

As vehicle manufacturers worldwide look to switch from traditional internal combustion engines to electric alternatives, new electric vehicles are being designed and released as the new normal. They are offering domestic and commercial vehicle users the option to switch to clean electric energy. Ford is just one of the many vehicle manufacturers making big changes to the market, releasing new ranges of electric vehicles, better than ever before. 


Ford leading the way in electric vehicle manufacturing

One of the leaders in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of electric vehicles is Ford. Renowned for their wide range of cars and vans, and famous for their Ford Transit van, a favourite amongst courier drivers. The brains behind one of the world’s most famous vehicle brands are now adopting new technologies to introduce electric vehicles to their range. 

In recent years they have adopted new technologies to provide Ford fans and regular drivers with all-electric versions of their most beloved vehicles. Including, the Mustang Mach-E, and E-Transit Van, with a goal of achieving production of more than 2 million electric vehicles per year by 2026. By 2050 the company hopes to have achieved complete carbon neutrality, in line with the sustainability goals of multiple nations and governments across the globe. 

Proving just how successful Ford is at designing all-electric vehicles, earlier this year their Ford E-Transit received an accolade in the form of a Gold Award from the independent vehicle safety authority, Euro NCAP. This award recognises the van’s advanced driver assistance systems. Highlighting, that not only does the E-Transit offer an electric vehicle, courier and delivery drivers continued to be assisted while covering long distances with advanced technology.  


Introducing the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan

The all-new Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is just another example of an all-electric Ford vehicle. This new SuperVan combines a 50kWh battery, with four electric motors, and a bespoke control system. With so much power, this electric SuperVan can go from 0-62mph in under just 2 seconds! This new SuperVan comes as Ford revived theri SuperVan concept after many year. Taking to the famous Goodwood track, the new electric SuperVan was able to cross the finish line in an incredibly impressive 46.85 seconds, proving the potential of electric vehicles against those traditional engines. Plus with a 45 minute charge time, its practical too. 


The Electric Vehicle Market 

The European electric vehicle market is set to grow astronomically in the next few years. Ford, alone, has announced the release of 7 new electric vehicles by the end of 2024. This new range will include a five-seat, medium-sized crossover vehicle and an electric version of Ford’s best-selling passenger vehicle in Europe, the Ford Puma. With a sports crossover in the making too. 


Electric vehicles in the courier industry

As the courier industry looks to adopt electric and hybrid vehicles as one of the most effective solutions for reducing its carbon footprint, the demand for electric vehicles has never been greater. Courier drivers and courier service providers are now in need of electric vehicles that are suitable for making long journeys while carrying a range of goods, including heavy, large, and fragile items.

At DeliveryApp we take sustainability seriously. Rewarding our drivers who opt to drive electric or hybrid vehicles as opposed to petrol and diesel vehicles. Just like Ford, as a company we want to build a better future for the next generations, making a contribution to improving the carbon emissions of the logistics industry and giving back to the planet when we can. Our partnerships with eco brands such as Ecologi, prove our dedication to the cause. Planting one tree for every delivery our drivers complete, we have a very simple yet significant approach.

If choosing to go green is on your agenda, why not book your next courier delivery with a reliable, ethical, and sustainable courier service? Choose DeliveryApp today for all your courier needs. 


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