GPS For Delivery Tracking

How Delivery Apps Have Leveraged GPS For Delivery Tracking

GPS technology has fast become a useful tool for many. GPS is now almost everywhere, found built into cars, in smartphones, and even in watches. This technology has improved rapidly over the last decade, providing a reliable means for navigation and tracking. 

For the logistics industry, this has offered a solution for delivery tracking and navigating last-mile delivery carriers and goods from collection through to delivery. 


How GPS technology works 

To put it simply, GPS, or global positioning technology, as it stands for, works by utilising the navigation satellites which circle the earth. GPS receivers which are built into devices, such as trackers and phones, pick up the satellite signals, identifying the location of the device. This information can then be sent to other devices. 


The power of GPS tracking 

In recent years companies within the logistics industry, particularly last-mile carriers have leveraged the powerful tool of GPS tracking to improve their services and offer customers delivery tracking. The use of this technology offers a number of uses including the obvious ability to track goods and drivers throughout their journeys, plus being able to ensure customers are aware of where their goods are and how long it will take for them to receive these. Not only has GPS tracking been utilised to improve services, but it has also provided a means for reducing costs and a level of security for vehicles. 

Delivery apps in particular have been sure to build this technology into their applications to offer customers and drivers the simplest way to track and locate deliveries. This new approach to courier delivery is revolutionising the industry, making it more efficient and reliable. 


The benefits of GPS tracking for couriers 


By using delivery tracking throughout the last-mile process and implementing this into delivery apps, both the customer, the driver, and the service provider reap the benefits. These include: 

Improved customer satisfaction – Having the ability to estimate delivery schedules and see for themselves the journey of their goods, provides customers with greater visibility over the service they are paying for. 

Delivery efficiency and productivity – customers can keep track of their goods, meaning drivers must ensure they meet their time deadlines. Plus, with accurate GPS navigation, courier drivers can be sure they are delivering to the correct destination and do not get lost in transit. 

Route optimisation and reduced fuel costs consumption – for courier providers, being able to see which routes are best and most economical, allow for reduced costs and improved delivery times. 

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