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How is the Logistics Industry Becoming More Sustainable?

As climate change is an ever growing concern for governments, initiatives and incentives have been put in place to encourage businesses to adopt a much more sustainable approach to their operations. With this in mind, the logistics industry is reviewing business operations in order to change the face of an industry which is and has been a big contributor to CO2 emissions. With changes already in motion, the industry could contribute greatly to government efforts towards achieving net zero across the world. So, what changes can we expect to see?

Introduction of Electric Vehicles

With the ownership of electric vehicles on the up, the logistics industry is beginning to embrace this initiative towards meeting sustainability goals. Ford will be releasing their first ever electric transit van in the shape of the all-new E-Transit in just a few months. Meaning we are likely to see an even greater uptake in electric vehicle ownership. Allowing both fleet managers and courier service providers to make the switch from traditional diesel and petrol vans to electric vans. With so many couriers on the road at one time, this has the potential to make a huge difference to CO2 emissions from those within the industry.

CAZ/ULEZ Charges

As emission charges are being introduced across cities nationwide, action must be taken within the industry in order to avoid these additional costs. On top of the already existing congestion charge, in central London, drivers will now have to pay an additional daily charge known as the ULEZ charge when their vehicle does not meet emission standards. The Clean Air Zone charge will be applied in other major cities across the country with the same initiative. The aim of these charges is to discourage vehicles from entering city centre zones and to encourage the purchase of lower emission vehicles. For the logistics industry, these charges are going to have a huge impact on company costs, with many seeing this as the time to make the switch to electric and hybrid vehicles.

App Based Delivery Platforms

Contributing to sustainable logistics is the growing use of app based delivery platforms, which are being utilised to avoid the use of hub-based delivery networks. Which, traditionally, have required the use of a central hub. Thanks to app technology taking charge, companies can now manage all their courier requests and driver tracking in a centralised app. Avoiding the need for a costly central hub, but also removing the unnecessary movement between a central hub and the customer’s delivery address.

Promoting eco-friendly and sustainable courier services

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