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Keep Your Customers On Board With Quality Delivery Systems

Recent studies have shown that delivery systems have become essential in keeping customers satisfied. Not only does a poor delivery service have a detrimental effect on the customer’s experience with your company but can be a deal-breaker for customers when deciding whether to return and make a repeat purchase. Keeping customers on board and happy with your service is sure to be your top priority. So, with this information, is it time to consider an investment into improving your delivery systems and processes? 


What do customers want when it comes to delivery?

With a rise in the use of e-commerce sites, there is a vast number of packages being delivered every day throughout the country. Resulting in a huge increase in the use of delivery services and courier drivers. On top of the increase in orders, customers have been placing huge pressure on companies. Demanding their deliveries be processed, fulfilled, and delivered in a matter of days and sometimes even hours.

This expectation on companies now means customers place quality delivery systems and processes at the top of their priority list when shopping around. 

Key factors customers will look for from a quality delivery service are:

  • Speed 
  • Efficiency
  • Choice 
  • Communication 

These four factors are now an essential part of delivering goods to customers. Customers expect parcels to be delivered quickly with minimal waiting time, efficiently and safely. Research also shows that a wide range of delivery options is far more appealing. With around 66% of respondents to a recent survey confirming that they bought from one retailer over another based on the delivery options available. 


Increased demand for same day delivery

Other, recent statistics show us that British online shoppers now expect same day delivery to be an option. With upwards of 50% of respondents confirming same day delivery was “important” to them. Touching on this in recent articles, it’s clear that same day delivery is now a must have delivery option for online retailers. Providing shoppers with the convenience of being able to place an order online with the knowledge that the goods will be at their doorstep in no less than 24 hours. 


Work with a reliable courier service

Instead of giving yourself the challenge of working with the current postal system, now is the time to begin outsourcing your delivery operations with the support of a reliable courier service. 

At DeliveryApp we have a nationwide network of courier drivers who are able to offer a range of courier services. Including same day delivery, multi-drop delivery, urgent and express delivery, and scheduled delivery. 

By working with a reliable, efficient and cost-effective courier like us, you will be able to keep your customers satisfied and content with your delivery operations. All while knowing this is being dealt with by our trusted couriers. We will do all the leg work, simply order a courier service using our handy DeliveryApp platform. Whether this is a one-off delivery or regular orders, track your delivery using our GPS technology to its final destination. Providing you peace of mind and security, knowing your customer has received their order. 

Written by DeliveryApp


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