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Meet Dan Khalique

Since joining DeliveryApp back in February 2021, Client Success Manager, Dan Khalique, has grown from strength to strength in his role. After hitting the ground running, Dan has successfully enlisted an array of businesses to his portfolio of clients, from SMEs to National Corporations.

After 5 months with DeliveryApp, here are his thoughts on his experience so far.

At the end January, this year I was looking for a new role, one where I could utilise all my skills & develop further as a professional. Finding the perfect role isn’t always something we are lucky to find, or to get as an opportunity. I was blessed to have three offers on the table, two of which were in the tech space.

On the decision day, I had to decide which one to go for, but after a call from DeliveryApp, there was only one choice I needed to make.

The following week on Monday 8th February, I started my new role in the Commercial Team, I was the 2nd employee hired by the business – alongside our incredible Transport & Operations Manager, Harry Houghton, who started his role a month earlier.

My job in the first few months was to spread the word amongst businesses in the UK in key sectors and to find out where we can add value to their business with our cost-effective courier delivery solutions.

DeliveryApp is changing the way businesses book, track and pay for their deliveries, as we provide businesses with complete visibility and transparency when doing this. We are disrupting the old ways of the industry and giving both businesses and drivers the power they needed to take control of their logistical mix.

When I started, we had one registered customer. However, in the past 5 months, we have built up a regular customer base, with over 300 customers on board now. While at first a goal may seem daunting, but when you build momentum and keep a consistent work ethic; the goals are scored and the targets get bigger naturally due to the ambition of everyone in the team.

When I started, we were in a small office close to Manchester Airport with limited space for our big aspirations. Now, we are based in our HQ office at Bonded Warehouse in the heart of Manchester city centre and I’ve never felt more at home in a job.

As a rapidly expanding tech start up, we have grown from 3 employees to 13 in 3 months and the time has flown by since I joined DeliveryApp. I’m incredibly proud to work alongside such a strong and diverse team of people that demonstrate their proven abilities on a daily basis. In all honesty, it’s amazing to have witnessed and have been part of such quick growth in a small amount of time.

I’m delighted of how far we’ve come and excited to be a part of the journey to where we are heading.

Written by DeliveryApp


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