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Meet Harry Houghton


By Harry Houghton

As the first of many hires in recent months, Operations & Transport Manager, Harry Houghton, has been diligently constructing our driver network and internal operations to ensure our delivery process remains seamless for both our delivery partners and customers alike.

After joining DeliveryApp in January 2021, here are Harry’s thoughts on his experience so far.

In November 2020 an opportunity arose for me to get on board with a new platform that was looking to change the way courier services were booked by businesses nationwide, disrupting the the old ways of the Industry. Starting on January 11th we had secured a small office within a shared office building to get things going. 0 drivers and 0 businesses using the platform, it was ground zero.

My task was to set out an action plan to begin engaging with drivers to share the new platform that had entered the market, learning pitching skills and ways to reach out to the people who were a key part of the business getting off the ground, self employed courier drivers looking to use the platform to increase their earning potential by having access to more work up and down the country.

Next was to reach out to businesses to introduce them to a new way of working, where they can book deliveries via an app and keep track of their deliveries throughout the whole process. Danial Khalique the first appointment in the commercial team was the man tasked with making this introduction, and has done a great job in driving that side of the business.

5 months on, and we have registered over 100 businesses on to the platform and have built a driver network of around 300 drivers nationwide not to mention growing from an original staff of 3 to 14 team members. We have left the original office based near the airport and have moved into a state of the art central Manchester office space, giving us the ability to continue growing and sharing this industry disrupting platform nationally.

The platform capabilities are going from strength to strength with every week that goes by with more dynamic services being added into the offering, which will enable us to service a greater range of industries.

It’s exciting to see what has been achieved in such a small amount of time and even more exciting to have the vision of where we could end up.

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