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Streamline Your Business With A Reliable Courier Service

We often encounter B2C businesses who rely on the postal service to ship goods to customers, which often causes businesses issues when it comes to delivery times and costs leaving many customers wondering where their parcels are. 

By opting to use a reliable courier service, like DeliveryApp, the challenges of relying on a postal service are removed and other benefits we can provide will help you to streamline your business. Some of these advantages include the following… 


Track Deliveries 

By having the ability to track your deliveries in real-time, our user-friendly app will provide much greater control and management of your business’ deliveries. Being so important to your business, both for your reputation and as a cost to your business, the capability to see exactly where your goods are and how long it takes for a delivery to be fulfilled is important information. This will also provide you with some peace of mind, as no doubt your goods are special to you, your customers and business. 


Same-day Delivery Options 

Being able to offer your customers the opportunity for same-day delivery opens up so many opportunities for business growth. However, being able to complete a same-day delivery using a traditional postal service is almost unheard of. At DeliveryApp we have made it simple for you to offer this service with an easy way to book a same day courier. Opting for this option will ensure your goods are delivered within the time frame required. 



Choosing to work with a cost-effective courier service means you will be provided with competitive pricing which is affordable. At DeliveryApp it’s simple to get a quick quote which will let you know just how much your delivery is likely to cost, based on the size of your goods and location. Not only will our cost-effective courier services make it easier for you but it also means you won’t have to add ridiculously high delivery charges to your customers’ orders. This, coupled with same-day delivery, could potentially attract new customers to your business and keep others returning!


User-friendly Mobile App 

With a user-friendly mobile app, our team has made it simpler than ever to book a courier driver, schedule deliveries and track packages all in one place. Having this app will make your life so much easier as you will no longer have to traipse to the post office to send packages or contact a helpline to track the location of your deliveries. 

Ready for simple, flexible and easy to manage deliveries? Streamline your business, make deliveries with ease and keep your customers happy with DeliveryApp. Simply download the DeliveryApp from the Play Store / App Store on your smartphone to sign up and start scheduling your deliveries.

Written by DeliveryApp


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