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How Technology Can Help Streamline Fleet Management

Fleet management is no simple feat, in fact with a large fleet of vehicles in transit in all manner of directions, this is a particularly tough job. When it comes to managing a fleet daily, there are many great solutions for streamlining this process so things run smoothly. Technological advancements provide a number of great advantages for fleet management including GPS technology to track drivers, as well as fully-integrated software platforms to offer a complete overview of vehicle and driver information all in one place. 

The challenges of fleet management 

As a fleet manager, or a company director responsible for a fleet of vehicles and drivers, you will likely be very familiar with the number of challenges associated with fleet management. 

Some of the most common challenges faced by fleet managers include: 

  • Driver behaviour 
  • Vehicle security 
  • Route optimisation and fuel consumption
  • Additional vehicle costs, insurance, tax, and repairs 
  • Environmental impacts 
  • Driver shortages 

Many of these challenges and more become daily issues within fleet management. In particular, driver behaviour, route optimisation, and fuel consumption are important and have a direct impact on both company costs, brand reputation and customer satisfaction. 

For example, managing the routes of which your drivers travel on between destinations can have a big effect on the time spent travelling, the amount of fuel consumed and the number of hours spent in traffic. For the company, this requires spending lots of time planning routes to ensure the drivers’ time is managed efficiently and customers are satisfied with the length of time it takes for a driver to arrive for collection or drop off. 

Driver behaviour has also become another issue to address. To ensure your drivers are placing importance on brand reputation whilst on the roads, as a fleet manager, monitoring the driving behaviour is important. Being able to see how fast the vehicles are being driven, whether these are being driven in an appropriate manner (for example driver aggression) and knowing if  drivers are following the highway code at all times, will ensure that the brand is being protected while being represented by the drivers during their journeys. 

To better streamline the vehicle and driver management process, there are now a number of modern technologies designed for use by fleet managers and fleet companies. 


Different technologies available to fleet managers 

Addressing these challenges with the use of new technologies allows fleet management to become a seamless and efficient process. Some of the most popular technologies for observing driver behaviour, fuel consumption and more is GPS technology. 

By installing GPS vehicle trackers to your fleet, you can access a report of each vehicle. Providing detailed information on the location of a vehicle, how it is being driven, the fuel consumption, whilst also making route planning easier with live updates on traffic and weather conditions. Plus, GPS vehicle trackers add an additional level of security to your fleet, ensuring you are aware of their location 24/7. This information can be easily handed to the police if ever you were to experience theft of one or more of your vehicles. 

As well as GPS technology and GPS-centric data, an EAM system (enterprise asset management) will provide you with all the tools necessary to monitor the condition of your fleet. This is particularly useful when it comes to ensuring all your vehicles are services, insured and have regular vehicle maintenance. Plus, regular use of an EAM system will allow you to keep track of when a service or MOT may be due, adding alerts and notifications so these are complete before any deadlines. 


The benefits technology can bring to fleet management 

With the support of modern technology, the management of your fleet can be better organised and less time-consuming. In addition, as a fleet manager or company director, you can utilise your fleet management systems to identify areas of improvement or opportunities. 

In the long term, the added benefits of utilising technology to manage your fleet, will allow for greater efficiency across your fleet, driver and vehicle improvements, plus greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs. 

With DeliveryApp, our fleet management feature offers critical assistance in managing your drivers workloads and providing accurate updates on locations in real-time, so you can be sure that you’ll always have a full overview of the jobs at hand. To get started, simply download DeliveryApp from the App Store or Google Play Store, and you’ll be able to start adding drivers to your fleet in no time!

Written by DeliveryApp


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