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Why A Logistics Industry Revolution is Necessary

In order for the logistics industry to build a positive future, companies must begin to make necessary changes, which will require adopting new operations and accepting the digitalisation of the industry. As we, at DeliveryApp, are working to change logistics for the better, creating a courier service which is both user friendly and ethical for drivers, we would wish for other courier services to follow suit. Taking active steps to improve the industry for good. This is what we think a logistics industry revolution should look like! 


Fair rates of pay for courier drivers

One such issue to be addressed is the rate of pay offered to courier drivers. According to reports coming from a range of drivers working with a variety of some of the leading companies in the industry, many drivers feel they are underpaid and undervalued. In recent years concerns around the rates of pay for those delivery drivers delivering goods and services, such as Amazon drivers and Uber delivery drivers have shone a spotlight on the treatment some drivers face in the industry. Such treatment has caused issues for many, who say they feel under stress and feel they must work long hours to cover basic living expenses for themselves and their families. 


Valuing drivers’ time and work

When drivers feel valued, they are more likely to feel happy at work. When a driver is given a huge workload and limited time to complete this, many will feel stressed and under pressure to complete deliveries. Not only does this have a negative impact on driver mental wellbeing but can lead to dangerous and unsafe driving decisions. In order to improve driver mental wellbeing and their driving in general, companies should value the time and work of courier drivers and place safety and mental wellbeing as a top priority. 


The Digitalisation of the Logistics Industry

By adopting a digital approach, the logistics industry will benefit from modern solutions to modern problems. Being able to offer customers a simple way to connect with drivers, drivers a way to make deliveries smoothly, and companies the ability to track the success of their company with the use of modern technology. This includes adopting mobile-friendly applications and making on-demand deliveries easier than ever before. Without this, companies would continue to face outdated challenges like issues with communication within the supply chain and complicated processes for drivers and customers. 


What DeliveryApp are Doing to Lead the Revolution

At DeliveryApp we are changing logistics for the better. By combining technology with a focus on ethical driver treatment, we are taking key steps to face some of the current challenges of the industry head on. Our user-friendly system connects our customers with our drivers in the most efficient and simple way possible. With all delivery information at their fingertips. We have made it simpler than ever to book a same day courier service. As well as offering our drivers, courier jobs at great rates! 

Written by DeliveryApp


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