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Why Earth Day Should Be Every Day!

Happy Earth Day!

On today of all days, this is a time for individuals and companies to consider ways in which to improve their carbon footprint. Within the logistics industry, sustainability has become a core focus for many. Particularly as the government has encouraged industries to step up and make the necessary changes to improve emissions in the UK. Although Earth Day is an important annual event for demonstrating the importance of environmental protection, at DeliveryApp we think Earth Day should be everyday! 


What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an event which takes place annually on the 22nd April. The aim of this event is to raise awareness and educate people across the world about the importance of environmental protection. This includes encouraging businesses, citizens and governments to take action, ensuring everyone is accounted for and are implementing lifestyle and operational changes in order to preserve and protect our health and the environment. 


The Impact Of Logistics On The Environment

As evidence shows, the logistics industry contributes significantly to the UK’s emissions of greenhouse gases. This is a particular concern amongst courier services using cars, vans, trucks and HGVs as these produce the most emissions within the transport sector. As demand for goods and services within this industry increases, without change, this is only going to increase, leading to greater damage to the environment. 

The WWF suggests that transport must be targeted when it comes to tackling climate change across the world. As one of the greatest sources of emissions around the globe, big steps must be taken by those within the logistics sector and transport industry in order to make progress towards achieving low-emissions and achieve the UK government’s targets. 


How The Logistics Industry Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

There are many ways for logistics companies to reduce their carbon footprint, but which steps should be taken? 

Within transport, making the switch to low-emission vehicles will have a huge impact on the emissions this industry produces each year. Low emission vehicles such as hybrid and electrical cars and vans should be chosen over traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. As demand for these vehicles increases, the sooner the government will have to act to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to run electric vehicles (like charging points). 

Other methods for reducing emissions within the logistics industry include: 

  • Switching to green suppliers of energy 
  • Reduce waste within the industry 
  • Ensure drivers are aware of the most efficient routes when completing their journeys 
  • Carbon offsetting using platforms such as Ecologi to support climate change 


Choose An Ethical And Sustainable Courier Service

At DeliveryApp we are providing businesses a chance to switch to using a courier service which is both ethical and sustainable. Our team wants to help contribute towards a greener future for the next generation, this means playing our part in reducing the impact our services have on the planet. Therefore, we actively reward our drivers who opt to use a hybrid or electric vehicle. Whilst also working with alternative green energy suppliers. Switch to using a courier service who places an importance on the future of the planet by getting your first quote with DeliveryApp today. 

Written by DeliveryApp


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