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Imagining a world where DeliveryApp is pre-installed in vehicles

With technological advancements now bringing forth more connectivity between vehicles and app-based systems, it’s easier than ever for drivers to access applications on their mobile phones through their vehicles on-board features. From maps to music, drivers can benefit from the vehicle’s technology features from the touch of a button.


Building for the future

Manufacturers, such as Tesla, disrupted the automotive market with their range of electric vehicles, consequently leading to an industry-boom among competitors that joined the race to bring them to the mainstream. With so much energy and resource on creating more efficient vehicles with lower emissions, the marketplace is now awash with models from all major manufacturers, such as Ford, Volkswagen, and Toyota.


Specialised vehicles for industrial action

Whilst the mass manufacture of electric vehicles for consumers is one goal, developing specialised vehicles for commercial purposes is another challenge. Specifically tailored to provide businesses with more cost-effective and lower emission vehicles, manufacturers are engaged in a race to cater for the demands of the industry. Moreover, with such an emphasis on technological innovation, the integration of systems and software within vehicles has become a staple of the modern vehicle.


Electric vans for couriers

With a range of electric vans now available to couriers, many of these have built-in screens with mobile app connectivity using Bluetooth technology. With apps enabling drivers to view maps, sync music, and make calls, there still seems to be a lack of integration with driver apps which would offer a seamless method of drivers being able to complete self-employed courier work.

With DeliveryApp being pre-installed and integrated into the functionality of a vehicle’s technology, couriers would be able to view and accept jobs straight from their dashboard. In doing so, drivers wouldn’t be required to use a mobile phone, which increases safety, ease of use, and visibility over available jobs.


DeliveryApp for couriers


DeliveryApp offers couriers jobs for businesses and individuals alike across the country. With new jobs uploaded daily, couriers can be notified of work in their area when a booking is made by one of our customers. Once a job has been accepted, couriers can communicate directly with the customer to keep them updated or be notified of any specific delivery requirements that may be necessary. As a completely free platform with great rates of pay in 7 days of completing a job, and there’s no better time than now to sign up and get started!

To sign up, simply download DeliveryApp from the Google Play Store / App Store and complete our registration process to become a driver. Once you’ve completed the sign up process, we’ll review your application and activate you on the platform where you’ll be able to view and accept any available jobs.

With regular work and a wealth of benefits, why not join the delivery revolution today with DeliveryApp!

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