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Fragile items

Fragile items

Do you need to send items that you’re worried might break in transit? If so, our fragile items delivery service is for you. Send your breakable and delicate items with DeliveryApp’s expert couriers and rest assured that our team will deliver your goods safely.

A fragile package refers to any item at a high risk of breaking or becoming damaged during transportation due to its delicate nature. 47% of adults in the UK experienced problems with their parcel deliveries in 2020, so it’s clear that the risk of your items becoming damaged during transport is higher than ever. This poses a significant problem for businesses; if your fragile goods break during delivery, you can lose precious profit on both your item and postage costs. So, trust in a specialist team that understands how to conduct a fragile package delivery.

As fragile items couriers, we understand that your products require adequate protection to reduce the risk of damage. We provide cushioning materials for transportation to help minimise your item’s movement, especially for parcels containing fragile materials like glass or that have a delicate structure like picture frames.

With local and nationwide same-day delivery options available, you can also track your delivery via GPS so that you know where it is at all times. What’s more, should the worst occur, all our couriers are fully insured as standard for the value of £10,000, and we provide additional cover for more expensive items too. Transport your fragile items with security and peace of mind by downloading DeliveryApp today.

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