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Medical Couriers & Delivery Services

One of the most important forms of delivery work is that of a medical courier. Whether you require medication delivered to your door, a courier to transport swabs to a lab for testing or even more complex medical courier services, a medical delivery not making it on time can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. That’s why you need to book an experienced medical courier via DeliveryApp.

Medical Courier Services

Medical couriers complete a wide range of jobs, including moving medication in bulk, removing clinical waste, and even transporting urgent medical samples in a temperature-controlled environment. This makes medical couriers some of the most important personnel in any clinical environment, from hospitals to GP surgeries and labs.

No matter what your medical courier requirements might be, the DeliveryApp has a delivery solution.

Same Day Medical Delivery

A significant number of medical deliveries are completed on the same day and in vehicles specifically designed for the task. This is often due to the increased need for temperature controls to protect samples or secure units to transport documents and medication. Many people are also looking for vans with suspensions that are designed for a smoother ride to reduce agitation. In any case, you’ll want to choose the right vehicle, which is where DeliveryApp comes in.

We understand the nature of not just medical supplies being delivered to patients but also the necessity for the transportation of internal medical equipment. Additional care and often equipment maybe required for the delivery of sensitive medical equipment. The likes of MRI machines, CT scanners and other medical devices, will need additional care when it comes to the delivery of such medical equipment.


Delivering medical equipment sometimes requires procedures to be followed. Our network of medical couriers are fully experienced, reliable and fully vetted before working with medical supplies. This is down to the fact, as we know, that some medical products can be hazardous and require special handling that follow specific transportation guidelines. The regulatory bodies that govern the medical industry have specific rules to ensure rules are followed when medical materials need transporting.

DeliveryApp Solution

With DeliveryApp, you can request vehicles of specific sizes and specify your payload, so you can rest assured your precise specifications are met. What’s more, we offer GPS tracking so you can monitor your delivery from point A to point B. Download DeliveryApp from the Play Store / App Store today to get started with a courier service that you can trust to deliver samples, medicine and more.