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Agriculture Delivery & Courier Services

The agriculture industry is the world’s biggest industry, employing 1 billion people globally. In the UK the industry is relied upon for the growing and harvesting of crops and raising of livestock.

UK Agriculture Economy

Over 70% of the total area in the UK is used as agricultural land and, according to statistics from 2020, the industry contributed more than 9 billion pounds to the national economy. An essential industry, not just for the economy but for the livelihood of the population.

Supplying supermarkets and wholesalers with the goods they need to feed and support the nation; the industry will rely upon specialist agriculture delivery and courier services to get produce moving from farm to fork.

Agricultural Distribution Services

Farm to table courier and delivery services refer to the delivery of agricultural products from the farm to the consumer. Cutting out the retailers and other middle-men aspects ensures that the quality of the produce cannot be fresher and is packed with organic and natural nutrition. The term can also be coined for restaurants who look to source produce from local farms. It doesn’t come much fresher.

At DeliveryApp we have made it easier than ever for farming companies and producers to access reliable and budget-friendly agriculture delivery and courier services. With our app it is easy to arrange urgent and same day deliveries with our nationwide network of vetted courier drivers. No matter where you are and when you need them, our courier drivers are available. In just a few taps of your device you can arrange a delivery slot that suits you. Delivery drivers will collect the goods, handling these safely, placing them onto a suitable courier van and driving them to their destination.

Heavy Agricultural Equipment

Since motor manufacturers may sometimes require the movement of large or bulky items, such as farming equipment, our courier drivers have access to a wide variety of courier vans and vehicles, both big and small to accommodate these deliveries.

For customers in need of agriculture delivery and courier services, trust DeliveryApp today. With courier drivers up and down the country sign up today to get your goods on the move, wherever you are, whenever you need.