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Wholesaler Courier Services

Handling goods, items and products in bulk, the wholesale industry has a lot to consider regarding logistics and transportation. If you’re searching for ways to simplify your wholesale business with a straightforward delivery solution, look no further than our professional wholesaler courier services.

Wholesaling refers to the sale and distribution of goods to retailers, typically in large quantities. This business area supports supply chains for industrial, commercial, and other business sectors across the UK, including supermarkets, food outlets like bars, hotels, the leisure sector, retail and many more. However, the wholesale industry is about more than just stock. In fact, the wholesale sector employs over 60,000 people and turns over more than £29 billion each year. So, wholesale not only helps put food on our plates, but it’s also a significant contributor to the job market and economy.

Wholesale Delivery Services

If your wholesale business needs to transport goods, either to a client’s business premises or another warehouse, you need the expert wholesaler couriers at DeliveryApp. Our services are ideal for transporting larger quantities of items across cities or to other locations nationwide, including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and more.

DeliveryApp Solution

For deliveries that you can rely on, download DeliveryApp today from the Play Store / App Store on your smartphone to get started. We provide GPS tracked courier services across the UK with zero monthly fees, making us the affordable and easy-to-use delivery solution your business needs. What’s more, we work with our couriers to reward green transportation methods so that you can reduce your business’s environmental impact at the same time.

Contact us at DeliveryApp to find out more or sign up today to get started.