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4 Reasons To Outsource Your Delivery Services

There are several reasons your businesses might choose to outsource their delivery services in 2023. Perhaps you lack the resources or staff to handle deliveries internally. Alternatively, you might be looking for a more cost-effective and efficient way to get your products delivered to customers. Whatever the reason, outsourcing your delivery services can be a great move for your business, especially in the current economic climate, there there have been rising costs for all businesses.


What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing your delivery services simply means relying on a third-party service provider to complete this part of your processes for you, which is what many large retailers utilise as part of their logistical processes. Also known as 3PL, or “Third-Party Logistics”, the outsourcing of logistics and distribution  to a specialised provider is increasingly common, and can extend beyond deliveries and transportation, to warehousing, inventory management, packaging, fulfilment and even reverse logistics. The likes of ASOS, for example, get their goods delivered via external courier services, relying on the courier drivers of third-party providers to ensure goods are delivered on time and safely. For them, this means concern for the delivery of the product is passed onto a service provider, as opposed to hiring a team of drivers and buying a fleet of vehicles. 


Benefits of outsourcing your deliveries

Save your business money

One obvious benefit of outsourcing your delivery services is that it will save you money long-term. Spending money on each individual delivery through the postal service or paying your own driver, or team of drivers a salary is far less economical than working with a courier service company. Outsourcing your deliveries to third-party logistics providers can save you money due to the benefits of economies of scale, there’s no need to have vehicles of multiple sizes for different delivery needs, for example large HGVs for trunking alongside small vans for local deliveries. The costs of keeping and maintaining these vehicles can really add up for both SMEs and large businesses.         

At DeliveryApp we are proud to be able to offer businesses or all sizes, a courier solution that is both cost-effective and reliable. DeliveryApp offer a variety of delivery types to suit your needs, from simple scheduled and on-demand deliveries, to multi-drops and two man deliveries, whatever you need, we have a solution. 


Focus on what you do best

Aside from saving yourself money you will also be saving yourself precious time. Give yourself back the gift of time, so you can use it to do what you do best, make, innovate build or create! Whether you are a small business creating and selling your own products online, or a larger retailer requiring more hours on the clock to focus on company expansion and growth, a third party courier service will provide you with a great time-saving solution. When you operate an SME, many people may wear a number of different hats within the business, however you can be reassured that when you outsource your delivery services, there is definitely at least one less thing for someone in the business to do.


Ensure the safe transportation of your products

For any business, this should be of key importance. Particularly when paying customers are concerned. A trusted courier service will deliver to your customers efficiently but also safely. At DeliveryApp we ensure all our network of professional delivery drivers have insurance to cover all your deliveries. This covers items from theft, loss or damage while they are being transported, up to £10,000 as standard, plus additional coverage available for those extra special or fragile deliveries. 


Streamline your operations

With all these benefits combined, as a business, you will be sure to notice an improvement across your business operations. Helping to streamline your order and fulfilment process. You will also gain access to expertise and technology that you may not have in house, especially if you discover that you need to ramp up quickly and need a partner who can match your ambition and scaling up of operations.


Choose DeliveryApp as your delivery partner 

By outsourcing your delivery services with DeliveryApp, you will be partnering with a delivery technology business that is ethical, sustainable and reliable. With a variety of courier services from same day delivery to multi drop, we have a range of services to cover a wide spectrum of needs. To find out more about regular business deliveries and API integrations, visit our dedicated business page, or to book a courier service today, simply sign up using our online customer portal or download the DeliveryApp app on either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Our delivery platform makes it simpler than ever for businesses to book and manage deliveries. 

Written by DeliveryApp

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