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The Botched Delivery Report

There are challenging times facing UK logistics, courier and delivery companies. But, what exactly is being said and what is happening? Well, with the aid of social listening technology, we put our ear to the ground and had a listen and put together these findings.

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UK Transportation Policy and Green Energy

In July 2021, the Government in the UK published what was described as the world’s first “greenprint” – a document that identified their desire to decarbonise all forms of domestic transport by 2050 at the latest. This is in line with the targets set out by COP26, which was held in Glasgow just a few […]
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Reliable E-Commerce Shipping for Fashion Influencers

Fashion has always been a quick-moving industry. From high street buyers attending big fashion shows in order to re-create the look in an affordable manner for their in-store customers, to celebrities sporting the latest fashion, everyone wants to copy these looks to then replace them again within a short space of time when another new […]
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Last-Mile Delivery Puzzle

When it comes to logistics, small and medium-sized e-commerce retailers struggle to achieve the kind of scale that they really need to allow them to compete with the bigger companies in their sector. In terms of customer satisfaction, the larger companies have the sales to allow them to set the bar pretty high, and the […]
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The UK Delivery Industry’s Future with Drones

Drones have been around for a lot longer than many people realise. Initially developed during the 20th century for those military missions that were considered too dangerous or dirty for humans, they quickly became an essential military asset. As the technology to produce them became cheaper, their use branched out into many other industries, from […]
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Scale Your eCommerce with Us

The last couple of years have seen a significant boom in the e-commerce industry. In fact, here in the UK, we have one of the most advanced e-commerce markets anywhere in Europe. With a prediction of around almost 60 million e-commerce users for 2022, there is only a minority of the population who are not […]
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Things to take into consideration as a fleet manager

The one single factor that unites the logistics industry in the UK is the desire to provide efficiency across the board whilst building a reputable service. The operational and business demands of any fleet may be unique, however lowering costs and spiking productivity, is a battle. The larger companies with hundreds of vehicles on the […]
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