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DeliveryApp's Medical Courier Services: Pinpoint Data Science Case Study

Delivering Precision in Early Cancer Diagnosis with DeliveryApp’s Medical Courier Services

Pinpoint Data Science is a leading MedTech AI company, dedicated to developing decision support tools for clinicians. Recently they launched a real-world evolution of The PinPoint Test within the NHS. The Test utilises machine learning to combine multiple analytes from a patient’s blood sample to return a risk of a patient having cancer.

To ensure the success of their programme, PinPoint required a dependable same-day delivery service for transporting patient samples from across West Yorkshire, to their testing centre for analysis. That’s where DeliveryApp came in.

The challenge: Ensuring sample integrity for accurate diagnosis.

Upon the launch of a successful partnership with GPs across West Yorkshire, PinPoint needed to find a reliable same-day delivery service to guarantee the timely, safe delivery of patient samples.

Maintaining sample integrity throughout the transportation process was paramount to ensure any potential delays or wasted samples were avoided.

The solution: A trusted delivery partner for medical courier services.

DeliveryApp offered a solution that met all of Pinpoint’s specific needs:

  • Friendly and reliable drivers: Our professional drivers are always courteous and ensure the safe handling of all deliveries. They understood the critical nature of the goods they were transporting.
  • Real-time tracking: Pinpoint could monitor the progress of each sample delivery in real-time, fostering peace of mind and transparency.
  • Instant Proof of Delivery (PoD): Instant electronic confirmation upon delivery ensured accountability, confidence and streamlined record keeping.
  • Dedicated delivery: Our drivers never co-load goods, meaning the risk of damage or contamination was minimised; crucial for reliable medical testing.

The results: Streamlined processes, strengthened partnerships and faster diagnosis.

By partnering with DeliveryApp, PinPoint were able to achieve streamlined sample transportation as reliable and timely deliveries fostered a robust process chain. Alongside this, their partnership with their network of GPs was strengthened due to a mutual confidence in the delivery infrastructure, enabling enhanced collaboration.

Conclusion: A partnership focused on efficiency and innovation.

DeliveryApp’s commitment to secure and efficient delivery proved to be a valuable asset for PinPoint Data Science. Our services played an instrumental role in streamlining their sample transportation process, ultimately contributing to their mission of early cancer detection.

This case study exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving innovation within the healthcare industry.


“I run PinPoint Data Science Ltd and have done business with Joe Glave and his DeliveryApp team to collect blood samples from a wide patch of GP surgeries to deliver them to Pinderfields Hospital. Their professionalism and reliability are what make them a great contractor. DeliveryApp has done an excellent job. Before them, things were very stressful for us due to the unreliability of drivers.

The DeliveryApp team has also been a great help in the instances where GPs forget to book collections, they regularly straighten out these situations for us.  All the couriers are courteous and polite, the customer service skills are excellent.”

CEO at PinPoint Data Science.


Leverage a network of reliable couriers to get your items moving instantly. DeliveryApp’s medical courier services often offer a range of delivery options, such as same-day, next-day, or scheduled deliveries. You can choose to book A-B or multi-drop deliveries with day hire options available and we never co-load goods so you know your deliveries are in safe hands. We also use advanced technology, such as GPS tracking, to enable you to track in real-time, ensuring the secure and accurate delivery of packages. We work to make sure your same-day deliveries are efficient, hassle-free, and completely transparent.

Want to get started? Speak to our sales team today.

Written by Julia Teagle

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