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Daily Problems Faced By Courier Drivers

Meeting deadlines and ensuring customer satisfaction are just some of the daily challenges faced by courier drivers. We know working for traditional courier companies can result in feelings of stress and poor mental wellbeing as drivers are expected to work long days for low hourly rates in order to complete jobs. Here at DeliveryApp we recognise the challenges that courier drivers face, offering a number of solutions to tackle these for those drivers who sign up to DeliveryApp. 

Low rates of pay

For lots of courier drivers, the issue of pay is their main concern. It has been well documented in the press in recent years that traditional courier companies are notorious for paying very low rates of pay, which creates a cause for concern when courier drivers struggle to make ends meet and feel undervalued for their work. Not only that, but the impending congestion charges looming in more metropolitan areas are putting a further squeeze on driver pay since it increases their overheads.

At DeliveryApp we pride ourselves on treating our drivers ethically, we ensure all drivers are paid fairly with great rates whilst also ensuring they are paid within 7 days with our integration with automated payment system, Stripe. We also cover costs for congestion charges to ensure that we don’t compromise on driver pay to continually make our rates as fair and competitive as they can be.

Long Hours

With the typical hub-based delivery system, courier drivers are expected to complete a number of deliveries within a day. This puts a lot of pressure on drivers who have often had to complete days extending 12 hours in order to complete deliveries. With our revolutionary approach to courier delivery, we are allowing our drivers flexibility. Giving them the power to choose the jobs they want to do. This flexibility means we can connect our customers with drivers who are readily available to deliver goods on-demand. 

Unfamiliar destinations and getting lost

A huge obstacle in the way of making deliveries on time is the difficulty of finding exact locations. We have often seen delivery drivers circling a road or street just to locate a simple address. Not only is this time consuming and costly, but can lead to poor customer satisfaction. To remove this challenge for our drivers, we have partnered with what3words. It’s as simple as 3 words. Our customers can pinpoint their exact location using their what3words. Giving our courier drivers the greatest chance of locating their address first time. This is also incredibly useful for those jobs where multiple entrances are attached to an address.  

Bidding for jobs

As a courier driver, finding work for yourself can become a challenge. Particularly as little progress can be made with local marketing and job bidding. At DeliveryApp, our platform connects you directly with customers looking for courier services. Jobs are regularly uploaded from all corners of the country, meaning you won’t be short of work. Simply find the jobs you want to do and accept them with our user-friendly app. 

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