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Accredited Carbon Neutral Business
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Partnered with Ecologi and Carbon Neutral Britain

All DeliveryApp deliveries are certified carbon neutral. Our approach is simple, we measure the carbon we generate both within our business and for every delivery, and offset this through our carbon reduction programmes, through our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain.

In addition to this, we plant one tree for every completed delivery through our partnership with Ecologi.

Our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain

Looking after the planet is at the heart of what we do at DeliveryApp, and we’re extremely proud to be a certified carbon neutral business, which means all our deliveries are carbon neutral.

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Our partnership with Ecologi

We’re continuing to raise the environmental bar in our industry through our support of climate action projects, like planting one tree for every completed delivery, facilitated through our partnership with Ecologi.

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Everything you need to know about our mission to improve our business and help our planet.

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At the end of each month, DeliveryApp calculates the amount of carbon that has been generated as a result of all deliveries undertaken by those who use our platform. Our solution calculates how many delivery miles have been logged, and this allows our team to make a calculation regarding the amount of carbon that has been generated by DeliveryApp every month. We work with Ecologi, who advises us how much we will need to invest in order to offset this amount.

Every month, Ecologi publish certificates that evidence the tonnes of CO2 that have been prevented from entering the atmosphere. Ecologi buys carbon credits, but only ones that meet the industry-leading standards for carbon – these are mostly gold standard, but can also be verified carbon standard.

When it comes to removing the pollution in our atmosphere, trees are one of the best tools we have. Our carbon reporting, however, does not take into account the trees we have planted. The reason for this is that carbon offsetting needs to be carried out through the use of verified carbon credits and not through the approximations of the carbon that is appropriated by the trees at our tree planting locations. At DeliveryApp, we believe we should help to deliver a better future, which is why we invest in trees now to bring a better tomorrow.

It is our ultimate aim to become an all-electric platform, one that has zero vehicle emissions. We want to help our fleet of vehicles make the move to vehicles that are emission-free as soon as is possible. However, the existing technology and current infrastructure make this difficult for the industry, so in the meantime, we pay those drivers who use fully electric, or hybrid vehicles, a higher per-mile rate.

At the end of the month, we work out how many deliveries have been made and the equivalent number of trees are purchased through Ecologi.

Thanks to our app, we can collate all of the information regarding deliveries to ensure that each one of our drivers has the most efficient route not only to pick up deliveries but also when it comes to dropping them off. This ensures that they are as efficient with fuel as possible, which is, of course, better for the environment and helps towards our sustainability goals. It also means that we can keep our costs as low as possible for our customers so not only does the environment benefit, but they do as well.

Yes, at DeliveryApp, we have a nationwide network made up of local drivers all over the country. When you book a delivery with us through the app, all of the details of your delivery will help to allocate your job to a driver who is local to you. This helps to reduce the number of miles that are being travelled, and in turn, reduces the impact that we have on the environment.

An eco-friendly vehicle, or green vehicle, is one which produces less harmful impacts on the environment as a result of its emissions in comparison to other vehicles. It’s possible for some engines that run on more conventional fuels to be greener, particularly newer models. However, these are usually vehicles that use alternative fuels. At DeliveryApp, we are very keen to work with drivers who use electric or hybrid vehicles because they are a more eco-friendly option.

Yes, by using DeliveryApp, it’s possible for your business to improve its sustainability prospects. We are able to report back to our partners the amount of carbon that has been offset as a result of using our service, and how many trees have been planted. As a company, we understand just how concerned everyone is about the environment. When you partner with us for your delivery needs, you can offer peace of mind to your customers by letting them know that their deliveries are carbon neutral and that for every delivery made, a tree is planted.

At DeliveryApp, we are continually working to find ways to improve our sustainability, and this means that, where possible, we add more vehicles to our fleet that are electric or hybrid. We encourage our drivers who are looking to replace their current vehicle to consider moving to one of these eco-friendlier vehicles, and we have an incentive scheme in place for those who do make the change.