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DeliveryApp partners with what3words to boost efficiency

Having divided the world into 3m squares, what3words have made finding a location easier than ever. By giving each 3m square a unique combination of 3 random words, users can provide incredibly accurate pick up and drop off locations to delivery partners. As an example, the what3words combination for DeliveryApp HQ is globe.matter.firms, and it literally is as simple as asking ‘what3words’.

Following our partnership and the integration of what3words with DeliveryApp, our users can now benefit from a hassle-free courier service where courier drivers will be able to find drop off locations with ease. With what3words integrated into our app, customers can share the three unique words relating to the pick up and drop off locations to couriers in order to direct them to an exact location with pinpoint accuracy.

Why have we partnered with what3words?

Many courier service users will understand the frustration of ordering a parcel to be delivered at a specific date and time, only to miss out on receiving this parcel due to issues with address details or locating the right entrance to the premises. For those in rural locations, drivers often have difficulty locating an address and the same can be said for larger sites with multiple entrances, such as at hospitals or industrial parks.


As is often the case, drivers will waste time trying to find the correct location or end up dropping off the items at the wrong place, causing delays in the delivery process. Those living or working from a new building will spend months being told their address doesn’t exist due to delays in updates to the post office database. what3words removes all these issues and more when it comes to delivery, making it simpler than ever to locate a delivery address.

The benefits of working with what3words

By integrating what3words into our user-friendly app, we have improved our service to make the entire delivery process far more efficient and to enhance our users’ experience. With many of our users requiring time-critical delivery solutions, our integration with what3words minimises disruption caused by unexpected consequences that may result in delays. With pinpoint precision, our driver partners can literally find any destination in the country to ensure that deliveries are made on time and exactly where our customers need them.

What this means for our couriers and customers

No longer will users need to provide additional details or notes to identify exact pick up and drop off points as sharing their location can be done in seconds. When booking a delivery, simplicity is key and, in the event of urgent or emergency deliveries, filling out long forms to book a delivery can be a lengthy process. That’s why our partnership with what3words is integrated into our booking journey, as a means of further reducing time required to book a delivery with us. What’s more, when our users want to book multiple deliveries or multiple drop off points, it’s just not feasible to have to input specific instructions for every single job booked – which is why what3words helps to speed up this process.

deliveryapp what3words

what3words has been lauded by numerous well-known publications, such as The Times and The Economist, for its innovation with a multitude of applications. And after gathering feedback from our customer base to understand more about their common issues faced when booking deliveries with traditional courier firms, we’re delighted to have partnered with a fellow tech platform that aims to revolutionise an industry.

Hassle free same day courier service with DeliveryApp

If you require a same day delivery service, with a reliable and hassle-free courier service, look no further than DeliveryApp. By downloading our user-friendly app, direct our courier drivers to your exact delivery location with the integration of what3words. As a flexible and cost effective courier service, join the DeliveryApp revolution today.

Written by DeliveryApp

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