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How Consumer Behaviour Is Changing Logistics

In recent years consumer behaviour has truly shaped the logistics industry, placing demand on companies to receive their goods as fast as possible. With the pandemic, we’ve only seen the need for on–demand deliveries grow and grow. The days of fighting crowds in shopping malls and markets have passed us by and the use of e-commerce sites has paved the way for consumers to place huge expectations onto retailers and courier services to meet their needs. 


The pressure to meet the needs of on-demand consumers

In the current digital age, consumers are very much accustomed to receiving goods and services as and when they want them. No longer do people expect to wait days or even weeks for the things they want, now there is an expectation that everything will be at their door or in their hands within a day or even in some cases a few hours! This has placed a huge amount of pressure on the logistics industry. Requiring retailers and courier services to offer a solution which meets this need of the modern day consumer. 


The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic put the world on pause, and populations of people were required to stay at home. Thus putting a stop to high-street shopping. This resulted in an even greater increase in the use of on-demand home delivery services, as the consumers took to e-commerce sites and online retailers for their goods purchasing. 


Retailers now offering same-day delivery to meet consumer needs

The pandemic’s effects on consumer behaviour has not been temporary, in fact it has changed the use of logistics services for good. Now, in order to fulfil the needs of consumers, retailers are turning to offering same-day delivery to keep their customers satisfied. Combining the convenience of online shopping with the swiftness of shopping in real-life stores. Same-day delivery provides consumers a number of benefits. But, unfortunately places extreme pressure on those retailers who choose to offer this service. 


The challenge of same-day deliveries

Offering same-day delivery allows companies to remain competitive and offer a new, convenient service to their loyal customer bases. However, it also means many new challenges arise. One key challenge being how much it costs to deliver at this pace. Currently, those retailers who already offer a same-day delivery option have been managing and fulfilling this themselves. Creating large overheads as they use their own vehicles and hire drivers on salaries. This current operating model makes it difficult for companies to achieve successful deliveries and satisfy their customers expectations. Creating a need for flexible, agile courier solutions which solve the challenges of same-day delivery. 


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