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Medical Courier & Delivery Services

The medical industry is among the largest in the UK. At DeliveryApp, we provide reliable medical courier services for companies across the country, whether you’re in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow, we have a medical courier service to help.

Medical Supply Couriers

If you’re a private firm supplying medical goods to public hospitals or a private medical practice sending out critical supplies for patients, timely and safe delivery is of the essence. The medical industry is comprised of hundreds of different roles, spanning consultants, scientists, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, patent developers and much more. Thanks to this, the delivery of supplies and materials on a consistent basis is integral to the success of the industry and the health of the UK’s somewhat 68 million residents.

The medical industry relies on several delivery methods, dependent on the level of urgency and where the delivery has originated from. For example, supplies sent from overseas may be transported via plane or ship before delivery via van. Goods manufactured or stored in the UK, meanwhile, are usually delivered by train or van.

Medical courier services often offer a range of delivery options, such as same-day, next-day, or scheduled deliveries. They also use advanced technology, such as GPS tracking, to ensure the secure and accurate delivery of packages.


Delivering medical equipment sometimes requires procedures to be followed. Our network of medical couriers are fully experienced, reliable and fully vetted before working with medical supplies. This is down to the fact, as we know, that some medical products can be hazardous and require special handling that follow specific transportation guidelines. The regulatory bodies that govern the medical industry have specific rules to ensure rules are followed when medical materials need transporting.

Medical Courier App

At DeliveryApp, we offer dependable medical couriers you can rely on. As a team of self-employed medical courier drivers, you can rest assured your delivery will be handled with care. Your parcel can also be tracked via GPS for peace of mind, giving you constant updates on the location of your medical supplies and more. With same-day delivery and next-day delivery available, you can get your medical materials delivered at short notice too.

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