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Is same day delivery the right fit for your business?

Same day delivery is no longer a futuristic concept. Services delivering products to customers within 24 hours are a rapidly growing trend – the market is projected to reach £21 billion by 2027, and a rising customer expectation- 78% now expect same day or next day options. Today, businesses face a crucial decision: is same day delivery the right fit for their operations?

In this post, we delve into the pros and cons of same day delivery, to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your business.


Living up to the hype!

Same day delivery is quickly becoming the superhero of the delivery world. Here’s how it swoops in to save the day (and your business):

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

In today’s world of instant gratification, slow shipping can quickly derail a possible top-customer relationship; some studies show up to 56% of abandoned carts are a result of delivery concerns. Customers are becoming well accustomed to having the offering at their fingertips, with e-commerce giants like Amazon leading the way with their customer-centric delivery offerings. Imagine happy customers singing your praises because they got their orders lightning fast, it’s a win win!

  • Competitive Advantage

Same day delivery isn’t just a perk, it can become a weapon in your marketing strategy. You’ll be offering something your competitors can’t. New customers could be streaming in, and existing customers will feel the love. It will help you reach your targets and make you look strides ahead of everyone else.

  • Streamlined Inventory Management

Same day delivery is grounded in efficiency and that translates to your inventory too. You can take the pressure off and be supported in optimising your warehouse, minimising overstocking or dreaded stockouts. Especially during peak seasons, same day keeps you agile and ready to meet customer demand without a hitch.


78% of customers now expect same day or next day options and 56% abandon their carts due to poor delivery options.


Even the best has its challenges 

Let’s be honest, same day delivery is awesome, but even the greatest things have more to the story. With the excitement generated around same day delivery, there are some challenges for businesses to overcome.

  • Cost Implications

Whoever said the best things in life are free, may have been slightly off the mark.  The convenience and delight of same day delivery comes with higher costs – often higher than regular shipping. Businesses have to decide how much of these to put on to customers or to take them internally.

  • Limited availability

Although the same day delivery industry is growing, not everywhere boasts a fleet of superhero delivery drivers (yet) and the provision in some areas is limited. However, that’s where platforms like DeliveryApp come in, aiming to connect businesses to same day drivers across the UK instantly, to reduce the impact of limited availability.

  • Logistical Challenges

Offering super speedy deliveries means that businesses need to turn around orders much more quickly and there is less room for error if orders are delayed. But fear not! DeliveryApp streamlines the delivery process, ensuring you can focus on optimising your product fulfilment, minimising the room for error and maximising efficiency. We’ll help you avoid those same day delivery delays.

warehouse manager assessing clipboard

Is it right for you?

So, same day delivery sounds pretty fantastic, but is it the right fit for your business? Here’s a roadmap to help you decide:

  • Know your numbers

Consider your average order value. For high-value items, the cost of same day delivery might be easily absorbed. For smaller purchases, you might need to get creative with pricing strategies.

  • Customer check-in

Who are your customers? Are they the “need it now” crowd, or are they more relaxed about delivery times? Understanding their expectations is key.

  • Location, location, location

Where do you operate? Same day availability might vary depending on your geographic area. Take a look to see what the same-day infrastructure is like in your area.

  • Delivery infrastructure deep dive

Evaluate your existing delivery setup. Can you handle the faster turnaround times and tighter deadlines associated with same day delivery?


Same day delivery: The verdict is in (and it’s up to you)

Same day delivery is a potential game-changer for your business and its rise in popularity makes it an unavoidable topic.

This post has unpacked the “superpowers” of same day delivery: happier customers thanks to lightning-fast deliveries, a competitive edge that leaves your rivals in the dust, and streamlined inventory management that keeps your stockrooms running smoothly.

But even superheroes have their kryptonite. Same day delivery comes with higher costs, availability that might vary by location, and the need for tighter logistics on your end.


Leverage a network of reliable couriers to get your items moving instantly, whether it’s a simple A to B delivery or a complex multi-drop route. With DeliveryApp, you enjoy real-time tracking and instant proof of delivery, all in one user-friendly platform. This ensures your same day deliveries are efficient, hassle-free, and completely transparent.

Want to get started? Speak to our sales team today.

Written by Julia Teagle

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