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The Issue Of Aircraft on Ground Within Logistics

If you haven’t worked in logistics or aircraft industries before, the term ‘Aircraft on Ground’ or AOG probably doesn’t mean much to you. In the logistics industry however, this term can have detrimental effects to operations, including backlogs and severe delays. In this latest blog we have explored the issue of both AOG and what is known as ‘Ugly Freight’ within the industry and how specialist and on-demand courier services could offer a solution to solve these problems. 


What does AOG mean?

AOG means aircraft on ground and this simply describes a situation where an aircraft is being prevented from taking off due to technical reasons. This is often caused by a serious issue within aircraft maintenance. In the event of this situation, a requirement for aeroplane parts to solve the technical issue becomes priority, while the aircraft is unable to move, thus causing delays, cancellations and backlogs. This is a particular problem for air freight where goods are scheduled to be transported for delivery. 


What is ‘Ugly Freight’?

The term ‘ugly freight’ refers to the types of goods which are awkwardly shaped or very large. These, often can not be transported by traditional courier companies. This can also include goods which are fragile, valuable, or require special handling. These may be items such as valuable art, medical equipment, antiques etc. Although not typically ugly, this term helps courier companies to identify goods which may require some additional services. For example a specialist courier service where a two man team may be required to handle the goods, a larger vehicle for the size of the item or a dedicated a to b delivery. 


The connection between AOG and Ugly Freight 

Where a part is required in a hurry to solve the issue of an AOG, the connection between this and ugly freight becomes clear. A part to solve a technical issue of an aircraft will need to be transported to the hangar in time to avoid delays and disruption. Due to the complications of aircraft maintenance, you can imagine both the size and value of a part of a plane. This would therefore be considered ‘ugly freight’. Those working on the aircraft will require the use of a specialist courier service who would be available to collect the part and deliver this on demand. 


Courier Services capable of delivering ‘Ugly Freight’ to an AOG

Using traditional courier companies like those that will complete deliveries from hub-based delivery networks, will not work for delivering ugly freight to an AOG. For minimal disruption the use of the right courier company is necessary. At DeliveryApp we have made it easier than ever to book a one off, same day, on-demand delivery. Allowing companies and businesses the opportunity to save money and time. For those who need goods delivered ASAP, we can connect you to our team of courier drivers who can source and deliver your parcel to your location. We have access to a range of vehicles in all shapes and sizes. Ensuring even ugly freight can be delivered to our customers. 

Why not download our user-friendly mobile app today to discover our cost-effective same day courier service. 

Written by DeliveryApp

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