How to use what3words with DeliveryApp

Need your goods delivering to a remote location or to a specific place on an industrial estate? Not a problem. With our what3words integration, simply enter the three words for that location on our booking form.

How to use what3words with DeliveryApp

How does what3words work?

what3words has divided the world into 3 metre squares and given each one a unique identifier made from three words. It can be used via the free mobile app and the online map at

Postcode Search Box

Step 1

Open DeliveryApp and head to the booking from.
Enter the nearest postcode to the delivery address.

Step 2

Using the map at what3words, find the three words given to your delivery location. Copy these words for the next step.

What3words Map
Postcode and What3words Search

Step 3

Head back to DeliveryApp and select what3words beneath the postcode search. This will open up a new field to paste your three words, and then click save.

(This can be added at collection and delivery locations.)

Step 4

The postcode and what3words will be converted into an accurate geographic map location for our drivers to view during delivery.

What3Word Location map

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