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Facebook Marketplace Couriers & Delivery Services

Facebook Marketplace is a growing community designed to help you sell old goods, buy handmade items, and even arrange mutually beneficial marketplace trades around the UK. Whether you’re based in London, Leeds, Birmingham or Manchester, there’s a good chance the Facebook marketplace platform is thriving in your local community. While you can arrange to drop off your items in person if your buyer or seller is nearby, often this is not the case, so you’ll need a reliable courier from DeliveryApp who can transport your items safely and in a timely manner.

UK Facebook Marketplace

Originally introduced in February 2015, Facebook Marketplace allows people with a Facebook profile to list items for sale. This includes uploading a picture and a description of the product, as well as setting prices you think are suitable. Over time, entrepreneurs and independent businesses have established Marketplace as a viable means of gaining new customers and reaching out to existing ones through yet another social media channel.

The Facebook Marketplace is thriving in big towns and cities across the UK. Obviously, the more remote areas are seeing a lack of activity due to distance coverage. Remote areas may also have no proximity to a post office, so this is where DeliveryApp is the perfect solution. Facebook Marketplace offers a simplistic interface for both buyers and sellers, and it offers great coverage for almost any kind of product to be sold or bought. The DeliveryApp’s network of couriers can easily pick-up and deliver from any area of the UK.

Facebook Marketplace Delivery Options

Typically, most sales completed through Facebook Marketplace are delivered either in-person or via a standard courier service, usually by car or van. However, if the item is bulky and travelling a long distance, booking a same-day or next-day courier via DeliveryApp is the ideal solution.

DeliveryApp Solution

We offer reliable delivery services for any products sold on Facebook Marketplace. Thanks to GPS tracking, you can stay up to date on where your parcel is during the delivery, right up until we hand it over. Simply sign up to DeliveryApp to book a Facebook Marketplace courier today.