Here At DeliveryApp, We Care Not Only About Our Customers And Our Drivers, But Also About Our Planet.

Our vision is to deliver a positive impact on the world, as such we have made it our mission to be the most sustainable delivery business in the world.
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We are proud to say we plant one tree for every completed delivery and all DeliveryApp Deliveries are carbon neutral. What this means is we calculate the carbon emissions incurred in every delivery and reduce an equivalent volume of emissions of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We do this through investment in carbon reduction programmes, facilitated through our partnership with Ecologi.

As an Ecologi partner, the money we invest goes towards supporting projects that are certifiable in helping deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Offsetting the Carbon we Generate:

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The transportation sector generates a large share of greenhouse gas emissions.
Our transparent solution allows us to calculate the carbon generated for every delivery mile made through our platform. Working with Ecologi, we then can calculate exactly how much we need to invest in our chosen Carbon reduction programmes to offset this.

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When the world is facing a climate crisis, we know it’s not enough to just reduce our carbon footprint: We need to reverse it. Our aim is to go further than net zero, and we do this by planting trees. We plant one tree for every completed delivery. Planting trees is one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis as they absorb and store carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen back into the air. They are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse.


One Delivery, One Tree:

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Electric Vehicles:

Our target is for all vehicles providing services via our platform to be fully electric, we want to see our fleet move to emission-free vehicles as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we are increasing the electric and hybrid vehicles in our network by incentivising drivers to make the switch as early as possible.

Electric Vehicle
Better Pay for Drivers with Electric Vehicles

We reward drivers with electric and hybrid vehicles by paying more per delivery mile. This helps to encourage all our drivers to make the change to cleaner vehicles as they can earn more and pay less in fuel.

No Longer Accepting Vehicles That Do Not Pass The Euro6 Directive

We are also working towards creating a cleaner and greener fleet today. All new drivers we accept to our fleet are ULEZ compliant. This means they meet the government’s ultra-low emissions criteria with Euro 6 engines. We know that this means we are unable to accept some drivers onto our platform to carry out deliveries for us, but we also know that this is the environmentally responsible thing to do.

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Using DeliveryApp for Your Business?

By using DeliveryApp for your Business
we can help you achieve your sustainability targets

Our solution allows us to report to our clients how much carbon they have offset by using us, and how many trees have been planted. We are happy to support our clients report on these numbers. In a world where consumers are growing increasingly concerned about the environment, by partnering with DeliveryApp you can give your customers peace of mind from knowing that their deliveries are Carbon Neutral and One tree is planted every time.

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At the end of every month, we calculate how much carbon has been generated by all the deliveries carried out by users of the platform. Our solution tells us how many delivery miles have been made. Our team then calculate how much carbon DeliveryApp has generated each month. Working with Ecologi, they then tell us how much we need to invest to offset this amount.

Ecologi publish retirement certificates each month which evidence how many tonnes of CO2 have been prevented from going into the atmosphere. Ecologi only buy carbon credits that meet industry-leading carbon standards – primarily the Gold Standard, but also the Verified Carbon Standard.

Trees are one of the best tools we have in removing carbon pollution from our atmosphere. However for the purposes of our carbon reporting we do not take into account the trees we have planted. This is because the process of “carbon offsetting” must be carried out using verified carbon credits – and not with approximations of carbon sequestered by trees in our tree-planting sites. DeliveryApp believes in delivering a better future, and so we invest in planting trees now for a better tomorrow.

Our ultimate aim is to be an all-Electric platform with zero vehicle emissions. We want to see our fleet move to emission free vehicles as quickly as possible, but we know that existing technology and infrastructure makes this difficult for our industry today. In the meantime, drivers are paid a higher rate per mile if they use electric or hybrid vehicles.

At the end of every month, we calculate how many deliveries we have made and we purchase the equivalent number of trees via Ecologi.
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