Fair Use Policy

This policy applies to all DeliveryApp Customers and Drivers who engage with each other for Driver Services via the DeliveryApp Platform, whether via the App or Website.

  1. All users of our Services agree to refrain from conspiring with each other to circumvent our terms of Service, or to act in any way which is not in the best interests of either the other party in a booking for Driver Services, or which seeks to circumvent or undermine DeliveryApp’s commercial interests as the facilitator of the Driver Services.
    This includes breaching any confidentiality, including but not limited to disclosure of operational agreements, route prices and pickup/drop off locations (unless already known). This is to ensure that the details of Service users on the DeliveryApp Platform will remain confidential and to avoid users of the Services engaging directly with each other in ways which could be detrimental to interests of all Service users and DeliveryApp.
    Please note that any services performed in breach of this policy are not protected by the terms and conditions published by DeliveryApp to protect all users of its Services.
  2. If this non-circumvention, non-disclosure agreement is breached, the breaching party can be sued for damages, forced to reimburse the innocent party for lost profits and possibly held in contempt of court.
  3. Drivers and Fleets cannot accept then ‘re-sell’ Job Requests by way of sub-contracting, assignment or any other dealing.
  4. Once a Driver has accepted a Job Request, they should only cancel the Driver Services as a last resort if they are prevented from performing the Driver Services by events outside their control, such as a vehicle breakdown. We understand that under certain circumstances Drivers may need to withdraw their Driver Services (‘cancel a job’), to enable DeliveryApp to re-allocate the Job Request to another Driver. DeliveryApp does not tolerate Drivers abusing the platform by repeatedly accepting Job Requests and cancelling them before the Driver Services are to be undertaken. We reserve the right to investigate any such suspected abuse of this policy and take any action as necessary, including termination of Driver Membership.
  5. Repeatedly posting Job Requests and subsequently cancelling them creates disruption and can prevent bona fide Job Requests from being fulfilled. Any customers who are suspected of abusing this policy may be suspended from the DeliveryApp platform.
  6. All users of the DeliveryApp Platform agree not to discriminate against any other party using the Services on the basis on grounds of their race, gender or any other stereotype.
  7. All users of the DeliveryApp Platform agree to abide by a ‘respectful communications’ rule – aggressive or threatening language or behaviour towards Drivers or Customers will not be tolerated and will result in suspension from the DeliveryApp Platform.
  8. We reserve the right to investigate any party suspected of abusing this policy and take any action necessary, which may include full/partial payment being withheld, (in the case of drivers), suspension from the Platform and/or in extreme cases termination of membership.

Last updated : 06.09.2023