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DeliveryApp Partnership with Courier Fleets

As a fleet partner you must ensure the following criteria is met for all your drivers and vehicles.

DeliveryApp must ensure that those who wish to engage in sub-contracting for us are committed to compliance and safety, through this DeliveryApp can be assured that sub-contractors do not bring the company into disrepute and that our fleet partners conduct their delivery operations in a safe, compliant and professional manner.

The DeliveryApp team will conduct spot checks at random intervals to ensure compliance of these conditions at all times.

Required Documentation – Fleets

We will require copies of the following documents:

  1. Proof of Fleet insurance – showing coverage for hire and reward
  2. Proof of Goods In Transit Insurance
  3. Proof of Public Liability Insurance
  4. Proof of Employers Liability Insurance
  5. A signed copy of this agreement
  6. Right to work document.

Upon the expiry date of any documentation DeliveryApp will require a new copy to ensure all records are kept completely up to date.

Vehicle Standards

You will be required to demonstrate your maintenance plan, in particular your companies policy on your daily walk around and defect reporting systems. Maintenance contracts or in house facilities must be evident.

Sub-contractor vehicles used in connection with any deliveries for DeliveryApp must not be used in an unroadworthy condition at any time.
All sub-contractor vehicles and trailers must have valid Hire and Reward insurance a valid MOT certificate and valid vehicle excise duty.

Correct vehicles – Our fleet partner must supply a vehicle that is suitable and designed for the job they are due to carry out. The vehicle must not be overloaded, and any load placed on the vehicle must be secured as required to ensure minimum load movement whilst in transit.

Driver Standards

All fleet partners will only use drivers, that have the correct valid driving licences for the class of vehicle being driven, you will be required to disclose how you check these licences and how you keep these checks up to date.

DeliveryApp require that you collect the following information for all drivers –

  1. Copy of front and back of driving licence.
  2. Copy of Right to Work Document
  3. Keep a record of the drivers National Insurance Number

DeliveryApp will require that the above information be verified for authenticity and regularly re checked to gather up to date information regarding your employees driving record.

All drivers used by the you the fleet partner whether employed or used on a subcontracted basis must not have any of the following endorsements on their licence.

Licence Endorsements DeliveryApp do not accept.

  • Accident offences: AC10, AC20, AC30
  • Disqualified driver: BA10, BA20, BA30, BA40, BA60
  • Careless driving: CD40, CD50, CD60, CD70, CD71, CD80, CD90
  • Reckless/dangerous driving: DD10, DD20, DD30, DD40, DD50, DD60, DD70, DD80, DD90
  • Drink: DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR61, DR70, DR80, DR90
  • Drugs: DG10, DG40, DG60
  • Insurance: IN10
  • Licence offences: LC10, LC20
  • Miscellaneous offences: MS50
  • Special code: TT99, XX99
  • Theft or unauthorised taking: UT10, UT20, UT30, UT40, UT50
  • Mutual recognition codes: MR09, MR19, MR49, MR59

If any of your drivers have the above endorsements on their licence and they are still within the valid timeframe DeliveryApp would exclude this driver from being able to complete work via the platform.

Any driver that currently has above 9 points on their licence would also be excluded from completing work on behalf of DeliveryApp.

Day to Day Communication

DeliveryApp will require the name, contact telephone number and email address of an authorised person for any day to day communications. This person should be proficient in dealing with day to day planning as well as driver and vehicle compliance on an ongoing basis.

Proof of Delivery

All proof of delivery must be uploaded onto the DeliveryApp platform. This includes signed paperwork and picture of deliveries made.

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