1. DeliveryApp Partnership with Courier Fleets

1.1 We expect Fleet Partners and (their registered and allocated) Fleet Drivers to conduct themselves in a compliant, professional and safe manner, upholding DeliveryApps’ high standards of customer service. As a Fleet Partner you must therefore ensure absolute compliance with the conditions set out in this Fleet Declaration. Failure to do so could bring DeliveryApp’s reputation into disrepute.

1.2 As a Fleet Leader you will assign jobs to your Fleet Drivers.  It is imperative your Fleet Drivers have the DeliveryApp app/website (Platform) downloaded onto their devices and use the Platform in line with our requirements, including to ensure live tracking is enabled. It is the Fleet Partners responsibility to ensure all of its drivers are using the Platform correctly.

1.3 Fleets are strictly prohibited from sub-contracting out work to other drivers and/or fleets that are not registered as their own fleet drivers on the DeliveryApp Platform, when undertaking work for DeliveryApp. Breach of this will likely result in payment being reduced and/or refused in full and removal from the DeliveryApp Platform.

1.4 Fleets must follow any specific requirements that are set by DeliveryApp’s Customers. Failure to do so may result payment being reduced and/or refused in full and removal from the DeliveryApp Platform.

1.5 Full Fleet Driver pay will not be made in instances where Fleet Drivers do not use the Platform in line with our requirements, including but not limited to, where Drivers do not have live tracking enabled, as our Customer will not have been able to receive this as part of the service they have requested.

1.6 Breach of any of the conditions set out in this policy may result in Fleet Partners and/or Fleet Drivers being removed from the DeliveryApp Platform and payment being reduced and/or refused in full.  DeliveryApp are not responsible for any other losses sustained by you and any other third party, as a result of a breach of these conditions by Fleet Partners and/or their Fleet Drivers and in the instance of a third party loss, DeliveryApp and/or their Customer will look to recover such losses from you (the Fleet Partners).

1.7 DeliveryApp conduct spot checks at random intervals to ensure compliance with these conditions.


2. Required Documentation – Fleets

2.1 We will require copies of the following documents;

(a) Proof of Hire and Reward Insurance – (For the Fleet Company, or if Fleet Drivers have their own insurance – their individual documents are not required, but the Fleet Partner must obtain these, ensuring they are authentic and records are then maintained and kept up to date);

(b) Proof of Goods In Transit Insurance (In the Fleet Company name);

(c) Proof of Public Liability Insurance (In the Fleet Company name);

(d) Proof of Employers Liability Insurance (optional);

(e) A signed copy of this agreement (by way of ticking to accept these terms).

2.2 Upon the expiry date of any above documentation, Fleet Partners must issue to DeliveryApp new documents and ensure all records are authentic, accurate and kept up to date.


3. Vehicle Standards

3.1 Fleet Partners and any of their Fleet Driver vehicles must always be safe to drive (“roadworthy”). Where applicable, you may therefore be required to demonstrate your companies maintenance policies, including daily walk around and defect reporting systems.

3.2 All Fleet Driver vehicles and trailers must have valid;

(a) Hire and Reward Insurance;

(b) MOT Certificate;

(c) Vehicle Excise duty.

3.3 It is the Fleet Partner’s responsibility to ensure; the above requirements for their Drivers are met, evidence is obtained from Fleet Drivers of these records and that these records are authentic, accurate and kept up to date.

3.4 Fleet Partners must also ensure their Fleet Drivers are operating in vehicles suitable for the job they are allocated to carry out. For example but not limited to; vehicles must not be overloaded and any load placed on vehicles must be secured properly.


4. Fleet Driver Standards

4.1 Fleet Partners must only use drivers that have the correct valid driving licences for the class of vehicle being driven. Fleet Partners will be required to disclose how these licences are checked, monitored and kept up to date.

4.2 DeliveryApp require that Fleet Partners collect the following information from all of their drivers;

(a) Copy of front and back of Driving Licence;

(b) Copy of Right to Work Document;

(c) National Insurance Number.

4.3 Fleet Drivers must verify the above information ensuring they are authentic, accurate and kept up to date.

4.4 Fleet Partners must ensure Fleet Drivers who are banned from driving due to accumulating in excess of the legal limit of penalty points, are never able to use the DeliveryApp Platform.


5. Day to Day Communication

5.1 DeliveryApp will require the name, contact telephone number and email address of an Authorised Person for any day to day communications with the Fleet Partner. This person should be proficient in dealing with day to day planning, as well as Fleet Driver and vehicle compliance on an ongoing basis.


6. Registering and Using the DeliveryApp Platform

6.1 When registering with DeliveryApp, it is essential that Fleet Partners are listed on Companies House as a Director.

6.2 It is also essential that when registering as a Fleet Partner, all data entered into the Platform is accurate and kept up to date. Data includes, but is not limited to; yours and/or your Fleet Drivers’; name, contact telephone number and vehicle registration. Further details on data can be found within our Privacy Policy.

6.3 Fleet Partners must not allocate jobs to Fleet Drivers who are not registered and using the DeliveryApp Platform.  This creates a risk to our business and Customers and results in our Customers are not receiving the full service.  Failure to use the Platform correctly will break the communication line between the Fleet Driver and Customer. In such instances, DeliveryApp will be required to refund the Customer (potentially in full) for the job they have booked. Any financial losses sustained by DeliveryApp as a result of such a breach by the Fleet Partner and/or, Fleet Driver, will be deduced from any payment due to the Fleet Partner and/or Fleet Driver and may also lead to being removed from the Platform.

6.4 If a job is being allocated by you, to a Fleet Driver, it is therefore essential that each driver is individually assigned to that job within the Platform, using their correct details (as above). Should you be performing the job yourself, then it is essential your own details are similarly recorded.

6.5 You can do this manually by taking the following steps within the Platform;

(a) Once you have accepted the job, click “View Job”;

(b) At the top right of the screen, click “Assign Driver”;

(c) Select the allocated driver by ticking next to their name;

(d) Select the vehicle the driver will be utilising;

(e) Finally, click “Assign Driver” at the foot of that page.

6.6 Failure to ensure yours and/or your Fleet Drivers’ information is accurate, is likely to create issues, including but not limited to delays, tracking which could create additional charges. This also impacts our Customer experience and DeliveryApps’ reputation.

6.7 This includes, but is not limited to the following possible situations;

(a) Time being wasted at collection/drop-off, trying to identify the correct driver, which could result in extra Waiting Time being charged;

(b) Where an incorrect Driver is recorded, any additional charges e.g. Waiting Time (where there is a legitimate reason for this), will be allocated incorrectly to that Driver. We take no responsibility for any losses incurred by you and/or any of your Fleet Drivers and any other party, arising from this error;

(c) Customers may need to contact Drivers directly, using their details provided by you (as above) in relation to any queries. Incorrect information could create delays.

6.8 It is also essential that you ensure the Platform  is used correctly by you and/or your Fleet Drivers and that you and/or your Fleet Drivers follow the prompts when asked to do so, for example (but not limited to); by clicking to confirm when on-route, arrived at pick-up/drop-off (within 100 meter radius of the location, which is tracked by GPS), waiting time start and end and proof of delivery (which includes signed paperwork and a photograph of deliveries made) etc.

6.9 Should the mis-use of our Platform by you and/or your Fleet Drivers, result in any additional charges/losses being incurred, we reserve the right to reduce and/or refuse to reimburse you for any payment due. Further, we do not accept liability for any other losses sustained by you/your Fleet Drivers, resulting from mis-use of our Platform.

Should you have any queries, including a request by yourselves to vary the terms of these conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@deliveryapp.com

Last updated : 27.06.2023