Items Not Covered for Loss or Damage

The following list is not exhaustive. Should you wish to transport an item listed below and this does not breach any applicable laws and/or regulations, please contact us directly.

Restricted items (items not covered for loss or damage)

  • Art, including picture frames (including pictures, canvass, prints)
  • Collectable items (including; stamps, coins etc)
  • Ceramics (including pottery, pots, crockery, china, porcelain, tiles, stoneware, concrete, marble)
  • Fossils
  • Furniture/household items
  • Glassware and items containing glass (including; mirrors, bulbs, glass screens, headlights etc, also see lighting below)
  • Lighting/lamps/chandeliers
  • Pewter figures
  • Precious metals, gems and stones (including; amber, diamond, gold, platinum, crystal)
  • Rocks and items containing rock