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Art Delivery & Courier Services

Moving valuable and fragile items such as art pieces, demands a professional and cautious approach. For those seeking reliable art courier services, look no further than DeliveryApp. Our nationwide network of courier drivers is committed to delivering our customers’ goods safely, securely, and as efficiently as possible. Taking pride in the delivery service we offer , our customers can be assured that their art is in safe hands.

Art Delivery

When it comes to delivering valuable or special art, the team at DeliveryApp understands how precious art can be to its owners. Having to transport art, whether that’s to a new house, gallery or exhibition requires extra care and attention to guarantee the safe arrival of art to its final destination. For those who work in the art industry, this will be a regular requirement, and so finding the right art delivery service is important for you to be able to rely on your chosen courier provider.

Art Delivery with DeliveryApp

No matter whether you have a large canvas, small sculpture or an array of fragile art pieces to transport, our specialist courier drivers will take care of any piece of art with care and caution, no matter the value. With vehicles available up to 7.5 tonne vans, we can transport some of the largest art sculptures, pieces, and paintings. Plus, with same day delivery available, we can even get your goods delivered from A to B in a matter of hours. With GPS tracking available through the app, you can even watch as your goods are delivered for additional security and extra peace of mind.

Transportation of artwork to exhibitions or shows, including art galleries, auction houses or museums requires the art to be securely packaged. We ask any of our art courier service customers to take the time to wrap and package their art securely. This includes using cardboard boxes with plenty of bubble wrap, making sure the box is taped shut and the art is not loose within its packaging.

For professional art courier services in Manchester, London, Birmingham or in any other city in the UK, trust DeliveryApp and sign up today.