Multi stop deliveries

Multi stop deliveries don’t need to be complicated. Our booking form makes it easy to book multiple collections and deliveries to different locations.

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Deliver your goods here, there, and everywhere

With DeliveryApp, there is no need to create separate bookings to deliver multiple orders. Simply group together your requirements into one multi stop booking, and we’ll deliver them to up to 30 locations – saving you time, money and hassle. With full visibility of your items for their entire journey with our location tracking, you can remain up-to-date with accurate delivery times.

Non-stop, multi locations

Scheduling a multi stop delivery couldn’t be easier, and takes just a few minutes with our simple booking process.

Specify which items you’d like to be delivered to which location, then upload it to the DeliveryApp platform. You’ll then be matched with a local driver who will collect and deliver all your items on the very same day.

Fast, flexible, reliable

Our dedicated multi drop courier service provides our customers with a fast and reliable solution, tailored to their needs.

Custom-map your route and connect all drop-off destinations. Our sustainable delivery solutions are designed to maximise efficiency and ensure your items are delivered on time, every time.

DeliveryApp can make light work of delivering a range of different items to a number of different locations, all with the same professional service and attention to detail. Don’t worry if your items are a range of different sizes – our drivers have the expertise needed to handle your delivery. If you have large quantities of items that all require delivery during the same time period, then using DeliveryApp is the most convenient solution for you.

Sustainability, delivered

With every multi drop delivery, we map out the shortest and fastest route to job completion through intelligent mapping. This helps to reduce emissions from our drivers’ vehicles.

With DeliveryApp, you’ll benefit from a streamlined multi drop delivery service, reducing the cost of delivery and saving you time. We understand how important sustainability is for everyone, and we are determined to do our part to help reduce the impact that we have on the climate. That is why all our deliveries are certified as carbon neutral, and we plant one tree for every completed delivery in partnership with Ecologi.

Why choose DeliveryApp for multi-stop deliveries?

We offer a cost-effective multiple stop courier service with a simplified booking process and a range of benefits.

Book your multi stop delivery online or in-app

Schedule and book any job in minutes by downloading DeliveryApp from the app store or through our customer portal to get started.

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Our multi-stop delivery FAQs

Our multi-stop delivery service is perfect for businesses and individuals who need to make multiple deliveries in a single day. We offer a variety of features to help you optimize your routes and save time and money.

Multi drop refers to a delivery where items are collected from one pick up point and dropped off at multiple locations. It is an ideal solution to get your goods where they need to be in one journey, with the same driver.

With DeliveryApp, booking or scheduling a multi drop delivery couldn’t be easier. Simply tell us what items you need delivering, where it needs to be collected from, and which locations to deliver them to, then we’ll connect you with a local driver who will fulfil all deliveries on the very same day.

The cost of a multi drop delivery depends on the number of drop-off points included in your booking as this will determine the mileage. The price is then generated based on a price per mile basis, which varies with vehicle size.

You can add up to 30 delivery locations within one booking and track your courier the entire way, so you can always keep your customers informed on delivery times.

If you have goods that need to be delivered to more than 30 different delivery locations, then you will need to create multiple bookings within the DeliveryApp system. You can split a larger number of deliveries across several bookings. This will allow us to create the most appropriate routes for our delivery couriers and helps to keep our pricing as low and competitive as possible.

Multi drop is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to ship a range of different-sized items at the same time, as long as they are all picked up from the same location. If you operate a number of warehouses where your items need to be picked up from, then you must book a multi drop collection for each individual pick-up location.

Where possible, if you have several multi drop bookings for the same day, then we will try to match you with one single delivery courier. Sometimes this may not be possible. Factors that may affect this include the number and size of the items that you need picking up, the size of the vehicle that is required and even the distance between drop-off points. For this reason, it can be a good idea when arranging several multi-drop bookings to keep a clear note of which goods are linked to each booking to help ensure that you are aware of what is travelling on each vehicle.