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4 Reasons To Become A Courier Driver

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the UK job market has changed in a number of ways, one of which caused a shift in market behaviour described as the ‘Great Resignation’. This term has been used to explain the process of workers finding themselves in a position where they require a change, both for a new job and a new lifestyle. Partly because lots of people realised the benefits of working from home or working for themselves during the UK lockdowns, which subsequently led to many people resigning from their current positions and taking on new roles. 

If you are one of these people currently considering making a change and taking a turn on your career path, here are some of our reasons as to why you should consider becoming a courier driver including the benefits this can offer. 


Job Flexibility

One of the key benefits of being a delivery driver is the job flexibility this offers. For many people looking for a career change, this will be a vital selling point. As lots of people have realised the requirements for greater work/life balance, flexibility is now an important factor when looking for a new job. 

As a courier driver, you can choose your hours and decide which deliveries you wish to complete. So you won’t be required to drive long distances or for long hours if that isn’t what you want to do. 


Keep on the move 

For those who aren’t a fan of sitting down to work or are tired of working at a desk, becoming a courier driver is ideal. It provides a sense of freedom many jobs do not offer. If you enjoy spending time outdoors and on the move, consider becoming a courier driver to hit the open roads and liaise with a wide range of customers. 


Courier work is in demand 

As the need for courier services increases across the country, you won’t have to worry about a lack of work. There is plenty of demand for courier drivers at the moment. This demand is even increasing across rural and suburban areas, so you don’t have to be in a big inner city area to find courier work. 


Drive your own vehicle 

To start courier driving, all you need is a vehicle. As long as your vehicle is suitable to complete a variety of jobs, your own vehicle will be perfectly fine for this type of work. Typically, most courier drivers will drive a van of a decent size, however there is much greater demand for drivers with a variety of vehicles. 


Driving for DeliveryApp 

To start courier driving, why not sign up to DeliveryApp? We offer a number of great benefits for our wide network of courier drivers across the country. Including: 

  • Free sign up 
  • Great rates 
  • Flexible and regular courier work 
  • A fast payment system 
  • A user friendly platform to connect you with customers 
  • A diverse range of courier jobs for all vehicle sizes 
  • Rewards for drivers who opt to drive electric and hybrid vehicles 
  • Full insurance 
  • No bidding for jobs 


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today to join a network of courier drivers completing deliveries across the country to a wide range of customers. With our fully integrated platform we have made it easier than ever for courier drivers to sign up, find flexible courier work without the hassle of bidding for jobs and receive a great rate of pay within 7 days!


Written by DeliveryApp

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