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The Art of Moving: Navigating the Complexities of Delivering Large Items with Couriers 

The Art of Moving: Navigating the Complexities of Delivering Large Items with Couriers

If you have ever tried to ship a larger item to someone then you will be well aware that it is not without its complexities. Some delivery companies simply prefer to deal with a bulk delivery of smaller items over a few larger ones. After all, it is easier for them on a number of fronts. This is a scenario that is the same whether you are looking to deliver something as a commercial business or an individual. The delivery of larger items requires more planning, more space and more manpower and not every company will have the capacity, or the desire, to accommodate this. At DeliveryApp, we can help you find the right courier to delivery the large items you’re looking to ship. But first, let us look at the complexities of delivering oversize items.

Why does delivery of large items differ?

There can be a number of reasons for the complexity of these larger items, any one of which on its own can add to the difficulties. When added together they can make delivering some large items a headache, unless you’re aware of what you can do to minimise the hurdles and choose a company that can help take the stress out of delivery.

The first is obviously their size. Larger items take up more room in the delivery vehicle. This means that the company you choose will need a larger truck in order to fit more items in to make a delivery route more financially viable. If they do use smaller vehicles, then they will also need to make sure that the items in question will fit in. 

It  is important to remember that larger items are not always heavier items.  A fibreglass or ABS plastic roof box is a good example of this. This is a large item yet relatively speaking for its size, it isn’t actually that heavy an item, just a bulky one. Unless you have a larger truck then you will not be able to fit many of these in. This is an issue that companies like B&Q who stock a lot of larger items like doors can face, and it certainly contributes to their current delivery timescales.This won’t with DeliveryApp as our vans are dedicated to your items.

Larger heavier items may also need to be secured properly in the vehicle in order to avoid the danger of them shifting during transportation. These issues are two-fold. If a heavy item shifts during transportation, then there may be damage. If this doesn’t occur to the item itself, then it may be other items being delivered at the same time that get damaged. Obviously, damaged items means issues for customer service and can lead to customer dissatisfaction associated with the delivery company. With DeliveryApp we make sure this does not happen as we have a dedicated service specific to your items.

Whether a large item is just bulky or is heavy as well this type of service usually necessitates a two person delivery team. This is something that can also add to the cost of the delivery itself. However, it is never a good idea for one individual courier to attempt to deliver larger items. Whilst there is no maximum weight limit for handling heavy items, caution and correct lifting methods should always be used. 

Why you need to choose your courier company carefully

The bottom line is that when it comes to a large items delivery service, you want to know that the company you are using will take all of these complexities into consideration. At DeliveryApp we can provide couriers who have larger trucks and two-man delivery teams for larger deliveries as standard. 

Our GPS software also makes sure that we can do this on time and to the right address. After all, the last thing any company wants is an incident such as that depicted in the recent Specsavers advert where the poor courier delivers a heavy TV to the top of a tower block only to discover he has the wrong address!

We understand just how important it is to offer the right professional level of service that will ensure that your larger items will get to their destination without damage and can be delivered straight to your customers door without mishap. Why not give us a try for your next larger load?

Written by Joe Ferris

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