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DeliveryApp Partner With Ecologi To Plant A Tree For Each Delivery

Here at DeliveryApp HQ we are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Ecologi. Committing to planting a tree for every delivery we complete. This helps us continue our mission to being a sustainable courier service. Allowing us to offer businesses and individuals a courier solution which cares for the planet and takes extra steps to ensure minimal impact on the environment. 


What is Ecologi?

Ecologi is a subscription service whereby individuals and businesses can sign up to compensate for their carbon footprint. As well as having the opportunity to help fund climate projects. Their mission is to allow people from all walks of life to help tackle the climate crisis. Offering a simple way to contribute towards a wide range of projects that are currently ongoing across the globe that are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

As well as this, Ecologi partners with tree planting partners who are able to plant trees (millions of them) each month on behalf of the Ecologi community. Of which DeliveryApp are now proudly a part of! It is well known that planting trees will help to keep the world’s temperatures from reaching higher levels, so the tree planting projects are a crucial part of Ecologi’s programme. 

So far, (as of April 2022) Ecologi member impact has resulted in 39.0 million trees being planted and 1,691,054 tonnes of CO2 reduced. 


DeliveryApp’s Partnership with Ecologi

By partnering with Ecologi, we are joining their collective action for change – here’s our page so you can see how we’re committed to our sustainability goals. Coming together with other members of Ecologi to face the climate crisis head on and make a real difference. Our contribution to Ecologi’s mission will provide essential funds to help them continue the incredible work they have already been doing globally. As a business this also offers a number of opportunities, including: 

  • We are able to monitor our real-time carbon footprint analysis and offset carbon emissions 
  • Help our team become climate positive and build our very own company forest! 
  • We have integrated Ecologi into our delivery app to allow a tree to be planted every time one of our courier drivers completes a delivery! 


Sustainable Courier Service

Partnering with Ecologi allows us to take additional steps to continue to offer a sustainable courier service for our customers. Helping to revolutionise the current logistics industry, we want to contribute to improving the industry, placing sustainability and ethics at the heart of what we do, to build a better future for the next generation. As Ecologi allows us to offset our carbon emissions and plant trees for every delivery we complete, we’re thrilled to have chosen Ecologi as our climate action partner. To discover more about our courier service and how we are working to improve the logistics industry, read more about DeliveryApp. 

If you are looking to make a delivery with a courier service who prioritises sustainability, look no further. Get a quick quote today and join DeliveryApp for simple, cost-effective and ethical courier services. 

Written by DeliveryApp

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