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Supply Chain Issues In The UK

We’ve all seen the headlines in recent months. Supply chain issues have become a real problem for the UK government and businesses. These supply issues have had a huge impact on deliveries, causing the public to notice empty shelves in supermarkets, petrol stations without fuel, and unwanted price hikes. Some of these cases have been restricted to local areas or existed only for a temporary period, however this widespread disruption to our supply chain has been developing for years and continues to exist to this day.

HGV Driver Shortages

Many industries across the country are currently experiencing staff shortages. The haulage industry, in particular, has suffered as a result of both the pandemic and Brexit, leading to a huge shortage of HGV drivers. Industry bodies have estimated the UK is currently short of around 100,000 qualified drivers, with many companies taking up to 8 weeks or more to fill their driver vacancies. Thanks to the effects of Brexit we are now also seeing fewer EU nationals working in the UK as HGV drivers, according to the ONS. This has obviously caused a massive knock on effect for businesses who place regular orders and are frequently let down by missed orders, delays and cancellations.

So, where are the drivers?

There are a number of reasons to explain why there is a labour shortage within the haulage and logistics industry and this includes issues with hours and pay. As well as the following;

  • A large number of drivers are ageing and retiring with a lack of interest amongst younger generations.
  • Tax changes with a reform to the IR35 rules, is another reason some people are using to explain why drivers are leaving the industry.
  • Working conditions of drivers, with many complaining roadside conditions and services have become much worse in recent years.

The Impact on Businesses

In any situation where the supply chain is impacted, the product to customer, or service to customer process is disrupted. Leaving both businesses, their customers and clients unhappy. Not only is this time consuming but it is costly too. When a link in the supply chain is broken or disrupted, the profits of a company are very likely to be affected. This impacts, not only individual businesses and their owners, but the economy as a whole. Currently the UK’s supply chain issues are having an impact across the nation. With a notable shortage of products in some industries, as well as consumer price increases to meet the rising input costs for UK businesses.

As a result of this current shortage in drivers and disruption of the supply chain, many businesses are now having to review their operations, to re-evaluate how they meet the needs of their customers.

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