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Supporting The UN's Plan For A Sustainable Future

As part of our efforts to revolutionise the logistics industry, providing carbon positive deliveries for businesses and individuals up and down the country, we are dedicated to planning for a sustainable future. 

This aligns with the United Nation’s current plans for a sustainable future and, in our latest piece we have given an overview of these plans and goals. As well as providing information on how we, at DeliveryApp, are supporting these goals with our revolutionised approach to providing courier services. 


The Sustainable Development Agenda 

The UN states that with just under ten years left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set out in 2015, world leaders and member states have agreed this decade is one of action. Aptly named ‘ A Decade of Action’. It is time to take action in order to achieve the goals by 2030, ensuring no state is left behind. This includes providing funding, secure leadership, resources and solutions to push for transformation and development across all sectors. 


Sustainable Development Goals 

As part of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, 17 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by member states back in 2015. These set out a blueprint which will allow member states to achieve a better, more sustainable future across the world. The goals help to address a number of global challenges including climate change, which is an important challenge for the logistics industry to address and overcome. 

Out of the 17 goals set by the UN, the logistics industry should focus on the following goals in particular: 

  • Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate action 
  • Affordable and clean energy


Addressing the climate emergency 

The records show between 2010 and 2019, we experienced the warmest decade ever recorded. As CO2 levels and other greenhouse gases reach some of their highest levels within the atmosphere, the climate emergency has become a key focal point for more than just the scientists who study it. Not only are temperatures rising, oceans have warmed, snow and ice is diminishing and emissions have been growing steadily. All of which is having both an impact on the natural environment and the health and well-being of a huge number of people. If this continues, the effects this could have on earth will be detrimental. 

This is why climate action sits as one of the 17 goals proposed by the UN in 2015. With the UN having suggested a number of climate-positive actions governments can take to ensure changes are being made and developments progress in order to meet the goals for addressing the climate emergency. Including investment into sustainable solutions, moving away from fossil fuels and the decarbonisation of all aspects within the economy. As part of this, individual sectors within all countries will need to review their operations in order to make positive changes. 


Carbon positive deliveries with DeliveryApp 

At DeliveryApp we are supporting the goals of the UN by taking a sustainable and ethical approach to courier deliveries. This includes completing carbon positive deliveries. 

As one of the core values that underpin our business operations, we want to see a greener future for tomorrow. Taking a number of steps in order to reduce our emissions and provide businesses with carbon positive deliveries. 

Some of these steps include rewarding drivers who drive electric and hybrid vehicles as well as partnering with Ecologi (our climate action partner) to plant a tree for each delivery we complete and offset our carbon emissions. 

Written by DeliveryApp


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