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What Are The Best E-Bikes For Deliveries?

Bicycles have been a reliable mode of transportation for years and years. Despite the local policeman and postman giving up on bikes and switching for faster means of transport, bikes are making their comeback. Introducing electric bikes to the scene. Quickly being adopted by the courier industry, E-Bikes provide the ultimate environmentally friendly solution for completing last-mile deliveries. As such, not only do courier providers prefer this option for reducing their costs and carbon emissions but couriers themselves recognise the health benefits of utilising E-Bikes. 


The benefits of E-Bikes for deliveries 

There are a number of benefits to utilising e-bikes for deliveries. Of course the obvious include the sustainability benefits, but this also includes: 


  • Speed – you may be thinking, how is a bike faster than a car, technically it is not, but when manoeuvring around busy city centres a bikes is far more likely to gather and maintain a consistent speed over a car that will encounter traffic and speed restrictions. Finding a parking space too, will be much easier for a cyclist who can simple leave their bike securely. E-bikes in particular can reach a speed of up to 28mph. 


  • Low emission zones access – again, across big cities, delivery drivers will have to deal with the road block of low emission zones plus charges like the CAZ and ULEZ charges. Whereas, a bike will be able to enter these with no problems. Plus, in residential areas, electric bikes do not create the level of noise pollution that cars and vans do. 


  • Access to narrow streets – where cars can not go, bikes can. Which makes them a reliable option for making deliveries in difficult to reach areas and addresses which are often hidden or set back from a main road. 


With so many electric bikes now available on the market, there’s plenty of choice for courier drivers. Some of which have been designed specifically for making deliveries. 


Raleigh Stride 2 Cargo E-Bike

The British brand Raleigh have entered the electric bike market and are expanding their range with their Stride 2 Cargo E-Bike, designed for couriers. With its very own built in carrier, this bike is built to carry a wide range of goods. With families even being able to use this to carry kids on the school run! With a 500Wh battery and top flight disc brakes, the Raleigh Stride 2 makes for a seriously excellent choice of electric bike for couriers and deliveries. 


Babboe Go E Cargo Bike

The Dutch company, Babboe, have created the Go E Cargo bike, providing a more affordable option for an electric bike. Their take on the traditional ‘dutch bike’ means you can opt for an electric bike which is equally comfortable and practical for riding. Consisting of a 374Wh battery and 7-speed gearing, this choice of electric bike is great for those making shorter journeys across flat land, ideal for city centres. 


Cube Hybrid Electric Cargo Bike

The Cube Hybrid Electric Cargo Bike features an array of some of the latest e-bike technology. Equipped with the Bosch Cargo Line motor, a 500Wh battery and a Enviolo CVP transmission. The carrier fitted to the bike is practical for carrying a wide range of goods, including work tools and packages or deliveries. Plus the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus tyres, make the bike practically puncture-proof. Ideal for couriers looking for a reliable e-bike to support their work all day long. 

The latest model currently sits around the £5000 price point, making this a slightly expensive choice but with all the additional modern features it is certainly worth it. 


Tern GSD S10

Potentially one of the best options for couriers, the Tern GSD S10 e-bike offers a whole range of useful features. Boating a 400Wh battery, hydraulic brakes, Suntour front suspension and Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tyres. This bike is incredibly compact yet the additional accessories available make this the electric bike for making deliveries. The additional cargo rack offers a great 200kg max carrying capacity (which does include bike and rider weight), allowing you to carry many goods at once. Sitting at a cost point of around £4000 this is a great investment for couriers looking to reduce their carbon emissions with a compact and cargo friendly bike. 

Written by DeliveryApp

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