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What are the Implications of CAZ/ULEZ Zones?

As more and more cities across the country put plans in place to introduce Clean Air Zones and ULEZ (ultra low emission zone) charges, many drivers will be wondering what this means for them. Particularly courier drivers and delivery drivers who make regular trips in and out of these inner city areas. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What does CAZ/ULEZ mean? 

CAZ or Clean Air Zones are being introduced in areas where government and local councils have set targets to reduce pollution. Similar to congestion charges introduced in London, an area of the city is marked as a clean air zone, whereby vehicles entering this area will be subject to a charge if they do not meet emissions requirements. The ULEZ charge already introduced in London by London Mayor Sadiq Khan in 2019 has been working in the capital to improve air quality in inner city areas. Major cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Edinburgh are now following suit. 

Signs will alert drivers to when they are entering the zone and ANPR cameras will be installed across the city to identify vehicles coming and going.

In Greater Manchester, for example, drivers can expect to pay charges within the realm of £10 per day, with the risk of being fined around £100 if not paid. This charge will differ depending on the size of your vehicle. 

With charges set to roll out across major cities within 2022, drivers are criticising the additional charge, stating many will not know or understand what the signs mean and feel mis-informed about CAZ. As well as expressing their concern on the impact this will have on household outgoings, in a time which is already seeing an increase in the cost of living. 

The aim of clean air zones 

The government’s aims to achieve both health and economic benefits with the introduction of CAZ and ULEZ charges. Reducing the number of polluting vehicles entering highly populated areas. It has been suggested that the CAZ charge could reduce Nitrogen Dioxide pollution by 18%. As a part of the government’s plan to achieve net zero, CAZ and ULEZ charges will contribute towards greener cities. Improving the health of future generations. 

What clean air zones mean for drivers  

With a threat of a daily charge looming over the heads of so many drivers, considerations will now need to be made by each individual to reduce emissions. Whether this means driving less where possible, or making the switch from diesel and petrol vehicles to hybrid or electric vehicles. For companies, support can be provided, but the initiative aims to achieve major changes across the road networks, including for company vehicles, courier drivers and fleets. Making this is a collaborative effort, requiring us all to work together, making lifestyle changes to create more sustainable cities for the future. 

DeliveryApp support all courier drivers

With this to consider, many will be wondering whether being a courier driver is worth it. Well, at DeliveryApp, our drivers will not have to worry about the CAZ/ULEZ charges as these will be covered by us. Your pay packet will not be compromised. Whilst also offering rewards and incentives to those courier drivers who opt for greener modes of transport and make the switch to an electric vehicle. Join DeliveryApp today for courier jobs with an ethical delivery service. 


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