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Complaints Policy & Procedure


  • Driver complaints should be addressed in the first instance to operations team contactable at
  • Customer complaints should in the first instance be addressed to the relevant regional Business Development Manager. If you do not know who the regional BDM is, please contact with full details.
  • All complaints are handled in the strictest confidence
  • DeliveryApp will act impartiality in seeking to resolve complaints between Drivers and customers, and will reach a final decision solely at its discretion.
  • Any complaints or claims must be raised with [5] working days of the Diver Service being performed and must be made in writing to the addresses shown above.
  • Any payment of commission due to a Driver will be temporarily ‘suspended’ pending investigation of a complaint relating to the Driver Services performed.
  • Our maximum response time to a complaint raised in accordance with this policy is 48 hours
  • DeliveryApp seeks to resolve all complaints within [14] days of notification, where possible
  • Where a complaint is found in favour of the customer, full payment for the Driver Services of the relevant Job Request will be reimbursed and any Driver commission withheld.
  • DeliveryApp operates a ‘three strikes policy’ for Drivers for minor offences resulting in repeated complaints. Any Driver found to be at fault in connection with three complaints notified in accordance with this policy will be from the DeliveryApp platform and will no longer be able to accept Job Requests .
  • Drivers can be excluded from the DeliveryApp platform immediately, pending further investigation into cases deemed a potential serious breach of DeliveryApp’s terms or any of its policies.

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