Complaints & Claims Procedure


i. DeliveryApp take pride in delivering the highest level of service to users. However, we appreciate that occasionally things can go wrong and you may not be satisfied with the services received.

ii. Should you have a complaint that you wish to raise, you should do so as quickly as possible, ideally within 7 calendar days after the event so that we can investigate matters effectively and speak to any necessary parties.

iii. We will always act impartiality in resolving complaints between Drivers and Customers.

iv. All complaints are handled in the strictest of confidence and as swiftly as possible. However, should we not be able to respond swiftly, e.g. due to investigations being required, we will update you with regular updates and agreed timescales.

v. Should you need to contact us to discuss any complaint, please contact us by email at

vi. In order to assist our investigations, please ensure you provide the following information;

  • Driver/Customer email address;
  • job reference no. (begins with DA) e.g. DA6J5KA;
  • for multi-drop routes/day rates, confirm which specific address this relates to;
  • description of complaint;
  • your contact details.

vii. We aim to respond within 7 days of receipt of the complaint. We will contact you with confirmation of the outcome.

viii. Where appropriate, we will take any necessary action, including potential suspension/removal of any user from the DeliveryApp Platform and pay being withheld/reduced.

ix. For further information regarding expected user levels of service required, please visit our Fair Use Policy – DeliveryApp.


x. We appreciate that occasionally, there may be instances where the following events are alleged/occur to goods (and premises) during the course of services being facilitated between Drivers and Customers;
a. theft;
b. loss;
c. damage.

xi. DeliveryApp act as an intermediary between Drivers and Customers, via the DeliveryApp Platform, in order for services between the parties to take place. We are therefore not responsible for any loss of profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising from any theft, loss or damage. Any claim for theft, loss or damage will be submitted by the claiming party, to the relevant parties insurance company (where it is appropriate to do so).

xii. However, should a claim not be possible against a parties’ insurance, DeliveryApp may consider to exercise its discretion to award compensation/credit to a party, and/or take any necessary action such as suspension/removal from the Platform, and/or restricting/reducing pay with regards to Drivers, but as noted, we are under no obligation to do so.

xiii. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that goods are packaged and/or labelled appropriately. DeliveryApp will not consider claims where the Customer has failed to do so.

xiv. DeliveryApp will not consider claims where a loss has been caused by any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as; adverse weather, accident, fire/floods, malicious damage etc.

xv. DeliveryApp will not consider claims where Customers ship Prohibited or Restricted Items (unless prior consent to transport these has been expressly obtained from DeliveryApp in writing beforehand – and evidence of this must be provided). Our Restricted and Prohibited Items can be found at Restricted Items and Prohibited Items.

xvi. All claims relating to loss/damage/theft are outside of the scope of VAT.

Time limits

xvii. The moment you become aware of any possible theft/loss/damage, you must inform DeliveryApp immediately via email at, providing your DeliveryApp reference and a summary of the issue, so that any possible action can be taken by us.

xviii. At latest, you must notify DeliveryApp by contacting us via email at within 7 calendar days of the delivery date/date of knowledge, whichever is sooner. You must also attach all of the following evidence in support of your claim;
a. proof of damage*;
b. any other evidence of theft (including your crime reference number**)/loss/damage, and;
c. evidence that this took place on the DeliveryApp phase of the consignment journey.

xix. Within 14 days of the delivery date/date of knowledge, whichever is sooner, you must submit the following additional evidence in support of your claim;
a. proof of the (cost) value of the goods;
b. proof of the estimates of any repair costs.

xx. *With regards to damage; photographs and/or videos should be taken to evidence this. It is also important to preserve evidence of any damaged goods/property, including packaging and maintain this for inspection, should this be necessary. DeliveryApp will not process claims where insufficient evidence is provided.

xxi. **With regards to any possible theft, the complaining party must submit a report to the police themselves immediately (as DeliveryApp cannot do this on another parties behalf) and obtain a Crime Reference Number (and notifying DeliveryApp of this immediately thereafter). DeliveryApp will not process claims of alleged theft without a crime reference number.

xxii. Claims for loss, damage and theft will not be processed by DeliveryApp unless the above conditions are met.

Drivers obligations

xxiii. It is imperative that Drivers notify DeliveryApp immediately via regarding any possible complaint, or damage to goods/property, attaching the following;
a. photo/video evidence;
b. summary of complaint/issue.

xxiv. As noted in the Driver Terms and Conditions, Drivers must refuse to perform a job (and contact DeliveryApp whilst on collection site to report this) where a consignment;
a. isn’t labelled and/or packaged correctly;
b. appears to be damaged and/or broken;
c. materially varies from its description in the Job Notes.

xxv. Failure to do so may result in an unfair complaint being brought against a Driver for alleged damage and a possible claim being made against their relevant insurances. In such cases Drivers should contact the DeliveryApp Operations Team at who can assist regarding next steps.

Investigation & Decision

xxvi. When a claim has been received by DeliveryApp via email, we will begin our investigations.

xxvii. DeliveryApp expects your co-operation with our investigations, including providing timely responses to our queries and full information being made available to us. Failure to do so may result in us not processing your claim. We will close any claim within 14 working days after receipt of the same, should insufficient information be provided.

xxviii. We will acknowledge all claims within 48 hours of receipt and update you as to our progress and timeline for resolution.

xxix. After our investigations have concluded, we will notify you in writing of our decision.

xxx. DeliveryApp’s decision following investigations is final.

Last updated : 02.11.23