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5 Reasons Self-Employed Drivers Are Ideal For Pallet Deliveries

Pallet deliveries are the movement of goods from one place to another on a pallet. Typically pallets are used to move larger goods or larger quantities of goods. For example, as part of the supply chain between manufacturers and retailers. Most pallets are often designed to hold a weight of up to 1000kg, so they are best for this type of courier service

Self-employed courier drivers are those who work for themselves, setting their own working hours and pricing, which means they are not managed by a ‘boss’ and do not have to manage a list of clients handed over to them. Instead, they can take on big jobs which may require longer hours of driving for individual clients. In this latest article, we are reviewing these two things combined, providing some of the reasons why a self-employed courier driver is the best choice for completing pallet deliveries.


Rapid collection of pallets 

Since self-employed courier drivers work for themselves, on their own schedules, they are most often available to collect goods as soon as, or within a few hours of a delivery being booked. So, if you have a pallet ready to move, prepared to be sent out of a warehouse, contacting a self-employed courier driver will ensure this is collected asap and is sent on its way to its destination within a matter of hours. 


Driving on their own time 

Similarly to the previous benefit, as the courier driver is working independently, they are much more likely to take on a big task like a pallet delivery. Since pallet deliveries can often require the movement of goods between places many miles apart, a self-employed courier driver is often best suited. This is because they can choose to devote their time to your delivery when accepting the task. 


Access to vehicles appropriate for pallet deliveries 

Self-employed courier drivers will have access to their own vehicles and can choose which type of vehicle they wish to use for work. For pallet deliveries, much larger vehicles are required to ensure pallets are stowed securely while in transit. Opting for a self-employed courier will allow you to choose a driver with the right size vehicle. 


Specialists in pallet deliveries 

When wanting to make pallet deliveries, one of your main concerns will be the handling of the goods while in transit and out of your site. To ensure the pallet is well taken care of and is within safe hands, a specialist driver will be well-equipped to handle your delivery. There are many self-employed drivers who will offer a specific service for those requiring a specialist type of delivery. This includes pallet deliveries. These drivers will carry the necessary equipment in their vehicle to handle a pallet, ensuring that it reaches its final destination safely, securely, and without damage. 

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