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Will the New E-Transit Change the Courier Industry?

As the world wakes up to the risks associated with global warming and looks at new ways to live more sustainably, electric vehicles have become a hot topic of discussion. Ownership of electric vehicles is already on the up, with vehicle owners making the conscious decision to switch from traditional petrol and diesel to an economical electric vehicle. Elon Musk requires some credit here, thanks to the Tesla brand gaining popularity over the last few years, it’s no longer hard to imagine what the future of our roads may look like. But what does it mean for the courier industry?

Introducing the New E-Transit

The trusty transit van has been the best friend of courier drivers and delivery drivers for years. With this in mind, Ford has taken their transit model and made some huge changes to meet new emissions standards across the world. The all-new Ford E-Transit is their first all-electric van. Offering delivery companies a solution to meet their own sustainability targets. With a 400-volt battery, emission zone charges will be a thing of the past. Fleet companies nationwide will be snapping these up in their thousands.

Not only could the expected Spring launch cause a huge rise in electric vehicle ownership, this latest design by Ford is expected to completely change the face of the courier industry.

Ownership of Electric Vehicles

Is it all what it’s cracked up to be? As more and more people make the switch to an electric vehicle, others will be wondering if they should follow suit…

As traditional vehicles have been and continue to contribute towards pollution, it makes sense to make the switch to a greener alternative now. Especially as emission charges are being introduced across cities, like the ULEZ charge in London, which now operates 24/7/365. Petrol and diesel vehicle owners are having to cough up hefty daily charges adding to the already rising cost of living. This is an expense any vehicle owner will want to avoid, but particularly companies with large fleets of vehicles.

What the Future Could Look Like

Although electric vehicles are currently on the market they are found mostly amongst individual consumers. The business market is, however, set to adopt electric vehicles on a wide-scale very soon. With the new E-Transit launch set for this year, it could be sooner than we think.

This does mean, however, that infrastructure across the nation is going to have to adapt quite quickly to this rise in electric vehicle usage. This includes a much larger demand for electric vehicle charging points. Although we are seeing these appear across the UK, the location of which these are placed will become a priority to meet the needs of courier and delivery drivers on their daily routes.

For delivery drivers, the benefits of driving an electric vehicle include:

  • Zero emissions when in traffic and no emission charges when entering a low emission zone
  • No gear changes, making driving even easier and less tiring 
  • Vehicles will run making little to almost no noise, meaning deliveries could be made throughout the day and evening even in noise-restricted areas
  • Contributing to a cleaner environment
  • Avoid rising fuel prices
  • No road tax on electric vehicles

A Greener Tomorrow with DeliveryApp

At DeliveryApp one of our core values is to contribute to a greener world. We want to play our part in creating a greener world for our future generations. This means taking active steps to reduce our impact on the planet. That is exactly why we will reward any of our drivers who choose to use a hybrid or electric vehicle. With this and excellent driver benefits, why not join DeliveryApp and register as a driver for flexible courier work.

If you are a company looking for ways to meet your sustainability targets, using DeliveryApp for courier services means working with an ethical company promoting sustainable, user-friendly delivery solutions. Sign up to DeliveryApp today.

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