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Your same-day furniture delivery checklist. DeliveryApp's top tips for expert furniture delivery

For consumers, there is often something really special about buying a new piece of furniture for their home. It’s a highly considered decision, involing lots of comparisons, testing and deliberation before they are ready to make a purchase. Whether purchasing new furniture in store or through an e-commerce site, once a consumer has made up their mind, having that item of furniture in the home as soon as possible is the key to providing the quality service they expect.

Optimising the customer experience, from research through to purchase and then to delivery is vital to ensure they rate your company highly and are inclined to return for future furniture purchases. Studies have found that a huge majority of customers (77%) said they will abandon retailers after failed big and bulky deliveries. With customers increasingly coming to expect speedy delivery for a range of items, any furniture company offering same-day delivery could find itself developing a robust competitive advantage.

Ensuring that the furniture arrives with customers on time and in perfect condition is essential. With this in mind, here is a checklist that outlines key considerations for furniture companies to optimise their same day delivery options.

1. Select a reliable furniture delivery company

Selecting the right delivery company to deliver any item is essential. After all, you are placing your reputation in their hands. When it comes to larger items, particularly those that may be heavier or bulkier, then you want to know your chosen provider will handle your delivery properly. Some same-day delivery companies offer specialist delivery options, such as 2-person for heavy goods or white glove for when furniture needs assembling on site. Ensuring your chosen partner can deliver your goods safely and efficiently is imperative for a seamless delivery experience for you and your customers.

2. Check the address

It may seem obvious, but double-checking delivery addresses can save valuable time and stress for you and your customer.  Using integrations such as What3words can provide additional levels of accuracy and can be particularly helpful in rural areas.

3. Check delivery access

Big and bulky furniture deliveries often need to be as close as possible to the delivery building, to limit the distance items need to be carried.  Check with the customer that this is possible and also where the furniture is going to. If it’s a tenth floor flat, you want to be prepared! DeliveryApp’s dedicated customer support team can help you clarify with the collection contact to ensure the delivery drivers have everything they need to access a building safely.

4. Pack well for transportation

A well-packaged item of furniture is far more likely to arrive in perfect condition, so it’s worth the investment in high quality packing materials. The cost of replacing a damaged item, and the cost to your reputation far outweighs the short-term costs of packing. When it comes to furniture items, corners are particularly prone to damage, so make sure these are covered fully.

5. Provide real-time delivery tracking

Equip your customers with real time tracking details and useful delivery time slots (no one is really happy waiting between 8am and 4pm). Providing this level of transparency and providing updates about any delays fosters trust and reduces the pressure on your customer service teams.

6. Select the right vehicle

Effective communication with your delivery partner is critical to avoid delays and ensure a smooth experience. Imagine, a same-day delivery driver arriving to collect your goods, only to discover the furniture won’t fit into the allocated vehicle. This only leaves to frustrations, delays and a negative customer experience. Your same-day provider should offer support in selecting the right sized vehicle for you and you should ensure they offer dedicated delivery slots, instead of col-loading as this reduces spaces and increases the risk of damage whilst in transit.

DeliveryApp will help you in choosing the right vehicle for your items. With a range of vehicles, from cars to 7.5 tonne trucks, and drivers that never co-load, you can be sure you’re in good hands to get your goods moving fast!


By considering all these elements prior to booking your deliveries, you can enhance your customers’ delivery experiences, increasing their trust in your company. DeliveryApp is a trusted same-day furniture delivery partner, aiming to streamline your operations, ensuring your customers received their furniture deliveries with no hassle! Our dedicated customer support team is on hand to support you with any potential mishaps that may arise.


Leverage a network of reliable couriers to get your items moving instantly, whether it’s a simple A to B delivery or a complex multi-drop route. With DeliveryApp, you enjoy real-time tracking and instant proof of delivery, all in one user-friendly platform. This ensures your same day deliveries are efficient, hassle-free, and completely transparent.

Want to get started? Speak to our sales team today.

Written by Joe Ferris

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