How do I get paid for completing jobs?

While completing the sign-up process, you will need to create and connect your Stripe Account before you can take your first job, this is the automated payment system we use at DeliveryApp to pay our drivers. This is free to set up, and once you have been paid, you can log into your Stripe Account and withdraw the money into your personal account. To open a Stripe Account, you will need a bank account, this is where all payments will be made to, from your Stripe Account.

What is a Stripe Account and what do I need to open one?

Stripe is the automated payment system we use at DeliveryApp to pay our drivers. It is fully integrated within the mobile app and Driver Hub. As part of the driver sign-up process, drivers must open a free to use Stripe Account within the mobile app, which then connects to your bank account to make payments.

In order to open a Stripe Account within the app, you will need a bank account, this is where all money paid into your Stripe Account will be withdrawn to.

I’m having trouble connecting my Stripe Account in the mobile app

When connecting your Stripe Account, you need to make sure that each question has been answered. If you leave a question blank, then it will not connect properly. In the section where it asks for your business website, please input our website unless you have of your own. Our website address is:

Once your Stripe Account has been successfully activated and connected, in your driver application overview in the mobile app, you will see a green tick next to My Stripe Account, and the status will display as Connected.

If you are still having issues, then please send an email to, as you will not be able to accept jobs, even if you are activated unless your Stripe Account is connected. You can directly log into your Stripe Account at any time.

Why haven’t I been paid?

We pride ourselves on treating our drivers ethically, we ensure all drivers are paid fairly with great rates, while also ensuring they are paid within 7 working days via our integration with Stripe. If you are a driver who hasn’t been paid 7 working days after completing work:

  1. Make sure your Stripe Account status is Connected, as if it isn’t then the payment will have bounced
  2. Login to your Stripe Account to view and manually withdraw any payments into your bank account. Funds in your Stripe Account are not automatically paid into bank accounts

If you have attempted both of the above, but can’t see any funds in your Stripe Account, send your name and job ID for the job(s) you’re missing payments for e.g., DA737484, to We will check the status of the payment and push this through.

How do I log into my Stripe Account?

To view and manage your Stripe Account, you can log into Stripe directly at Once logged in, you can set up automated payments from your Stripe Account to your bank account or change your payment details.

How do I close my Stripe Account?

To close your stripe account, log into Stripe directly at and navigate to Settings > Account details in the Dashboard. On the Account details page, scroll to the bottom and click Close account.

I am VAT registered; how do I get paid the VAT on the jobs I have completed?

If you are VAT registered and have added your VAT number to your driver account, VAT is automatically added to every completed job. All funds are then paid directly into your Stripe Account.

Once you have entered your VAT number within your driver account, our system will perform an instant validation check, and if correct, your VAT number will be stored and payments will start from this date onwards. Please note that when inputting your VAT number, do not include GB or any letters, only add the numbers in your VAT registration number e.g. 123456789.

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